Wednesday, December 6, 2023

The Curious Case Of Rahul Gandhi

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The scion of the Gandhi family always makes up for great meme worthy material. However, his latest stunt at UK was nothing short of treason. In a span of a week, he went from being a joke to being a danger to the very democracy of India. Ironically, he cried about how democracy in India was under attack by PM Modi!

Rahul Gandhi’s stunt has provided for juicy political material for the BJP. The Congress is cleaning as usual. And the Gandhi scion is loitering around with no remorse, like a spoilt child. He’s already given up for 2024.

Congress Defending RaGa’s Treason

The Congress leaders have no option left but to defend the irresponsible behaviour of RaGa. His behaviour in UK goes against his oath as a Member of the Parliament.

 Keeping that on the back burner, he trash talked the country, along with seeking foreign intervention for the Indian democracy!

It is a sad state of affairs for the poor Congress leaders. Party President, Mallikarjun Kharge is now forced to make dumber comparisons in a bid to save RaGa.

Comparing the two as Mr. Kharge did is the fuel that BJP needs to fire RaGa’s treason against the country. What Congress fails to realise that is that Rahul Gandhi spoke for the need of a foreign intervention, whilst he was in a foreign country!

Seeing their funding from Soros, it is evident that the Congress will be sticking to Adani as their fighting card against the BJP and most importantly, PM Modi. They surely refuse to learn any better!

BJP Seeks Apology From RaGa

The BJP is basking in the irresponsible creation of Rahul Gandhi. Like a little, split brat, RaGa refuses to grow up responsibly and in the due process, constantly give brownie points to the BJP. It’s really his own recklessness that does it.

Seeing him return from his UK debacle, the BJP promptly set down to demanding an apology from Rahul Gandhi, knowing very well the rat chase that will ensue. Whilst the Congress will run around in circles defending Rahul, the BJP will follow the pursuit with the difference that they will chastise the restless child that is Rahul Gandhi.

Crossing The Line

Rahul Gandhi’s latest stunt has proven to the country his limitless irresponsibility as well as the danger that he proves to the Indian democracy, time and again. He actually thought that he would get away with this behaviour. The sad part is that the Congress will not reprimand him either. Instead they are busy cleaning his mess and issuing statements that justify his treason. They are digging their own grave to save their “prince”. Little do they know that RaGa will jump in that grave in spite of all their caution and saving!

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