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PM Modi A Contender For The Nobel Peace Prize?

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If hypocrisy had a face, many western nations would be the perfect contenders. This news being floated of PM Modi being considered the strongest contender for the Nobel peace prize was and is a joke in itself. The western nations that constantly criticized Modi for his overtly Hindutva stature and for turning India into a fascist state have now started singing a totally different tune. Western nations have an attitude of patronizing others and carry an attitude of certifying others. The reality is that these token gestures carry no more than a symbolic value in the present day.

(P.C.- The Economic Times)

The Shoddy Past Of The Nobel Peace Prize

The authenticity of the Nobel Peace prize stems from the people they have been awarded to. How can one forget the award being given to the Pakistani stooge Malala Yousafzai or to Yasser Arafat? The fact is that Nobel Peace Prizes are a way to hound and stymy the voices of the people in the garb of awarding them the prize.

Why is PM Modi suddenly being touted as the primary contender for the Nobel Peace Prize, especially so close to the 2024 elections?

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It has been a long and shameless campaign by western media outlets to defame PM Modi for promoting Hindutva and harming minority groups. The awarding of the Peace Prize stands in contrast to the position that has already been adopted. It has become clear that western nations are paying close attention to India because of its rapid progress under PM Modi’s leadership and the prospect of it achieving Superpower status in the near future.

Asle Toje, Deputy leader of the Nobel prize committee, said that “It is interesting to see that from a growing country, India is becoming one of the primary economies of this world. India is taken more seriously now. When India speaks it tends to be with a more friendly voice, without threats”.

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Following PM Modi’s efforts to push Ukraine and Russia to a truce, the Nobel Peace Prize discussion comes as a surprise. According to Toje, PM Modi is the most trusted leader because he can end wars among nations and bring peace to the world.


Nevertheless, it’s important to be wary of the intentions of these organizations in the midst of the false euphoria generated. Their every move is calculated and results in ramifications, as we have always noticed. In the case of Malala, she cleverly fashioned her Nobel Peace Prize status to support her Islamist narrative. Think of Mother Teresa’s humanitarian work that earned her the prize. As far as India and many other nations are concerned, she was the Christian conversion kingpin. The West will inevitably use undue interference and pressure tactics to harass and meddle with India if PM Modi is ever awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

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It is clear that the West is planning a dangerous ploy that will certainly endanger Indian interests. Given the upcoming General Elections, the news of this unsure announcement should be treated with caution. Indians should not fall into the glitz trap set by the western world. Whether or not PM Modi is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in the rise of certain speculations, the relevancy of the same doesn’t hold any water in the current times. Though there still remains confusion on whether PM Modi is being awarded the same, the truth is that the further PM Modi is away from such events, the better it is in the long run.




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