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Reality of RaGa’s Secular Muslim League

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The world will be a better place if Rahul Gandhi would not open his mouth to speak utter nonsense. That seems like a far fetched wish. Recently, the scion of the Gandhi clan called Muslim League “secular”.

Sanity calls for laughter on cue. However, this is not funny anymore. This man child goes places and vomits whatever his mind can conjure! Of course, his mentors are the Soros funded anti nationals which explains his rumblings.

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Radical Muslim League

The Muslim League, founded in 1906. It did nothing for India’s struggle for independence from British colonial rule. The Muslim League aimed to advocate for the rights of Muslims in British India on paper, but in reality focused on their greater ideal – expansion of Islamand Ghazwa-E-Hind. However, this radicalisation of the Muslim League was carefully draped behind the British’s policy of Divide and Rule.

Understanding Ghazwa-e-Hind - The Jaipur Dialogues

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The Noakhali Hindu Genocide By Muslim League

The Noakhali Hindu genocide stands as a haunting episode in the history of communal violence during the partition of India. The events that unfolded in Noakhali, a district in present-day Bangladesh, saw widespread targeted attacks against the Hindu community. These attacks were orchestrated by the Muslim League.

Noakhali Hindu Genocide - The Jaipur Dialogues

The massacre targeting the Hindu population began on October 10, coinciding with the observance of Kojagari Lakshmi Puja, and lasted for approximately one week.

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The perpetrators killed an estimated 5,000 people, subjected hundreds of Hindu women to rape, and forcibly converted thousands of Hindu individuals to Islam.

Temporary relief camps in Comilla, Chandpur, Agartala, and other locations provided shelter for around 50,000 to 75,000 survivors. Moreover, Muslims trapped approximately 50,000 Hindus in the affected areas, subjecting them to strict surveillance without any intervention from the administration. In certain regions, Muslim leaders required Hindus to obtain permits to travel outside their villages. They coerced the forcibly converted Hindus into providing written declarations claiming voluntary conversion to Islam.

The perpetrators sometimes confined them to others’ homes and allowed them to be in their own houses only during official inspections. Additionally, Hindus were forcibly made to pay subscriptions to the Muslim League and jiziyah, a protection tax imposed on non-Muslims in an Islamic state.

Haran Chandra Ghosh Choudhuri was the sole Hindu representative in the Bengal Legislative Assembly from the district of Noakhali. He described the events as “an organized genocide by the Muslim mob.” Whereas Shyam Prasad Mukherjee refused to acknowledge the plight of the Hindus.

Don’t Be Puppets

Time and again, Hindus have been subject to such brutalities. This is the same Muslim League that Rahul Gandhi termed as Secular! Now use your senses and decide who you choose for the future of the country and your community.


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