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Rahul Gandhi’s USA Visit: Classic case of Foot in the Mouth Disease

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Rahul Gandhi has embarked on a 10-day visit to the USA. His visit is under the pretext of winning support for the Congress and its allies. However, the underlying reality is that he wants to polarize the Indian diaspora in the USA. His visit was announced on the heels of the Congress win in the Karnataka assembly elections in May 2023. The ‘Rahul Gandhi USA Tour’ is a classic case of ‘Foot in the Mouth’ disease. Here is a snapshot of all the reasons that highlight Rahul Gandhi as an undercover BJP agent, who wins votes for BJP while soliciting support for Congress.

RaGa pats his own back on his ‘Bharat Jodo Yatra’

Rahul Gandhi US Visit Rahul Gandhi Said In America If The Opposition Unites Properly Then BJP Can Be Defeated At The Center | Rahul Gandhi US Visit: अमेरिका में राहुल गांधी बोले, '

On 31st May 2023, Rahul addressed a mixed group of people at his first event and started his never-ending diatribe about the dire straits of Indians on an international platform. He says the Karnataka win was shouldered by his Bharat Jodo Yatra which the central government tried to stop. Contrary to his statements Rahul Gandhi has been unable to produce any evidence of central government’s objections to any legal work done by the Congress. However, he fails to mention the fierce Muslim vote bank tactics that were used by the Congress in the Karnataka assembly elections. He fails to detail the promise of increased quotas, the fake free shopping cards, and other freebies offered to the common man by him that actually won Congress the election. However, history shows that Rahul Gandhi does not speak facts, he presents the fiction that only exists in his mind.

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RaGa’s raga on Oppression of Minority

In a public speech in the presence of foreign media Rahul Gandhi states that the central government marginalizes the minority. He professes that Muslims, Christians, and Sikhs are facing the same discrimination that Dalits faced in the 80’s India. However, he fails to notice that this statement actually fails to defame PM Modi. Instead his comment defames Shrimati Indira Gandhi, the grandmother of Rahul Gandhi. He ignores the whopping 99% increase in per capita income from 2015-2022 in India that indicates the prosperity of average Indians during BJP governance. Rahul Gandhi also refuses to acknowledge that the BJP government has been increasing the reservation quotas for the minorities in the country in proportion to their numbers. He refuses to recognize the schemes offered by the BJP government for all legal citizens of India.

Rahul Gandhi continues to harp on the feeling of ‘hate’ in the nation on international forums.

He displays his pseudo-wile by coining the catchphrase of ‘Mohabbat ki Dukan’ to popularize his people-friendly image. In his efforts to present the BJP as anti-Sikh party Rahul Gandhi forgets that Punjab, the home state of Sikhs, has been ruled by AAP or Congress for several years. Additionally, he fails to notice that Sikhs were strongly persecuted by his own family members; namely Shrimati Indira Gandhi and Shriman Rajiv Gandhi. Therefore, either we assume Rahul Gandhi has no respect for his grandmother and father and he has made the decision to question their actions via the international forums. Or we conclude he is completely oblivious to the extent of damage he is causing to the Congress party’s image by shooting off his mouth without a proper research.

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RaGa’s point of view to Freedom to Verbal Diarrhea

Why isn't somebody calling Rahul Gandhi's bluff, when he is repeating the same thing again and again ad nauseum? - Quora
PC Facebook Rahul Gandhi Troll

In another statement Rahul Gandhi used the ‘Freedom of Press’ ratings to present an atmosphere of suffocation for freedom of speech in India. He does not recognize the rigging involved in these ratings where the Pakistani Media, a nation on the brink of collapse, has a higher rating than Indian Media. India is a nation where every leading newspaper freely criticizes the state and central governments. Moreover, the print and digital media successfully demonizes the Hindus, the majority of the country, without remorse. However, Rahul Gandhi still presents India as a place that suffers from a lack of freedom of speech.

Contrarily, Rahul Gandhi lost his MP status by abusing his freedom of speech. He presents his criminal sentence, gained by him for the lack of basic respect for all communities, as a move by PM Modi. Although he claims to be a common man, he seems to be an ‘Ambassador of Misinformation’ to the US diaspora.

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RaGa Confused on Indo-Chinese History

Sulking' Rahul Gandhi skips party meet, sets tongues wagging
PC DNA India

Rahul Gandhi made severe errors in his presentation about annexed land by China on an international platform. It seems he forgot to mention that the land that was annexed by China was under the watchful eye of his great-grandfather, Pandit Nehru, and not the BJP government. It seems he missed that particular lesson in history. He spoke of the increasing progress of Chinese infrastructure along the Indo-China border. However, he forgot to mention the increasing progress of Indian infrastructure along the same border.

The central government is encouraging development along all the borders to counter cross-border terrorism. This decision will provide better access to the security forces of India to the border in case of an emergency. India’s Foreign Minister has clearly stated India’s firm stance on China. Thus, his comments seem to show how Rahul Gandhi confuses PM Modi’s policies on China for his own great-grandfather Pandit Nehru’s policies on China.

Conclusions of RaGa’s US Raga

Rahul Gandhi in US: 'Indian Democracy Is Not the Agenda,' says Congress' Praveen Chakravarty
PC The Quint

Rahul Gandhi’s words present him as an intelligent fool. He prefers to sing the song of misinformation in the ears of all the minorities. He plays the game of minority appeasement and anti-Hindu agenda under the guise of freebies. Rahul Gandhi presents himself as a messiah of the downtrodden and the oppressed. The Congress party uses Rahul Gandhi’s face and fake accents to present the façade of a suave, ‘sabhya’, politician. The Congress conveniently forgets that he is currently a criminal. They label his verbal vomits, through which he shames himself and his family, as fake news.

Rahul Gandhi repeatedly displays a lack of knowledge on Indian history. He also shows a lack of awareness on the real needs of common Indians. His speeches in the USA seem to completely forget the 100 crore Hindu population. Thus, it can be assumed that Rahul Gandhi does not identify as a Hindu, as they never feature in any of his political agendas. Moreover, it is also safe to conclude that his policies are anti-Hindu in particular and anti-India in general. The common Indian whether in India or abroad must carefully observe his words and actions to understand his political agenda to sell out the rising Indian economy to foreign powers.

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