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Pakistani Hindus Find No Peace Under Gehlot’s Rule

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On April 24th, the Jodhpur Development Authority in Rajasthan demolished hundreds of homes, mostly belonging to Pakistani migrant Hindus, during an anti-encroachment drive. Videos of the incident circulated on social media, depicting migrants expressing their anguish over the action taken by the authorities.

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In one video, a woman appeared unconscious due to the stress of the situation, while a man pleaded for two days to vacate the premises. The migrants claimed that they had fled atrocities in Pakistan and came to India seeking refuge, only to be met with further injustice.

The JDA razed around 200 structures, including homes of migrant Hindus, to clear illegal settlements and reclaim public land.

However, the migrants alleged that they had purchased the land from the land mafia. They paid prices ranging from Rs 70,000 to Rs 2 lakh and had been living there for several years.

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During the demolition drive, the migrants became agitated and allegedly pelted stones at the team that came to demolish their houses. In response, the authorities used heavy police force, causing minor injuries to the driver of the bulldozer and JDA personnel. The migrants filed two complaints regarding the incident, seeking justice for the loss of their homes and the alleged injustice they faced.

Where Will The Hindus Go?

This incident highlights the ongoing challenges faced by migrants, particularly the Hindus in India. Forced evictions and demolitions are serious human rights violations, and authorities must take steps to prevent such actions and ensure the protection of the rights of all individuals. Addressing the underlying issues of illegal settlements and land mafia is crucial in preventing similar incidents from happening in the future.

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