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Indian Authorities Crack Down on Pro-Khalistan Movement with Arrest of Amritpal

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Amritpal Singh Sandhu, a pro-Khalistan propagator, was apprehended on Friday, April 21, 2023, by Indian authorities. This comes after a 36-day-long chase that spanned multiple states. Amritpal had been a wanted man since March 16, 2023. He has delivered incendiary speeches and instigated violence in the state of Punjab.

Amritpal Singh is still on the run, says Punjab Police | India News
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Khalistan Aggression

Amritpal is a well-known pro-Khalistan activist who has been vocal about his support for the creation of a separate Sikh state in India.

The Khalistan movement originated in the 1980s. It aims to establish an autonomous Sikh state within the Punjab region that would be independent of India.

According to police reports, Amritpal had been using social media platforms to spread hatred and provoke violence. He urged the people of Punjab to engage in a shutdown. He even called for an armed rebellion against the government.

Government Action

Authorities had been tracking Amritpal’s movements for several weeks. They had carried out a series of raids across different locations, including Delhi, Haryana, and Uttar Pradesh. It was a coordinated operation between various police forces that finally led to Amritpal’s arrest in a village near the city of Amritsar.

The Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh congratulated the police for their successful operation. He appealed to the people of Punjab to maintain peace and harmony in the state. He emphasised that the government would not tolerate any attempt to disrupt law and order in the state. Strict action against those who try to do so.

Amritpal’s arrest has been hailed as a significant victory by various political leaders and organisations, who have called for a strong message to be sent to those who incite violence and disturb the peace in the country. The arrest is also expected to have a substantial impact on the pro-Khalistan movement. Khalistan movement has struggled to gain momentum in recent years.

Amritpal’s arrest represents a crucial step forward in the fight against terrorism and separatism in India. It sends a powerful message to those who seek to promote violence and disorder. The effort underscores the government’s commitment to maintaining peace and stability in the country.

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