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TIME Magazine Targeting India Time And Again

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TIME Magazine has a long history of spreading falsehoods and pushing an anti-India agenda while presenting itself as a place for “intellectual” debate. It has served as a platform for the left, spreading lies and peddling tales that are far from accurate. While Punjab Police continue their pursuit for pro-Khalistani Sikh activist Amritpal Singh, the magazine recently blasted the Indian government. It alleged neglecting human rights and eroding democratic standards.

India's Amritpal Singh: What to Know About the Manhunt | Time

The Ridiculous Article

The author of the article is Simran Jeet Singh, a Soros Equality Fellow with the George Soros-founded Open Society Foundations. He alleged that the Indian government has “abused the fundamental human rights”. It has severely curtailed citizens’ freedom of assembly and expression in order to apprehend Amritpal Singh.

By placing “restrictions” on the nation’s minorities, which include Muslims, Christians, and Sikhs, the nation was employing oppressive techniques and spreading a far-right viewpoint.

Moreover, he said that the government was preventing media from properly disseminating “ground facts”. They were instead merely repeating the official line while supposedly disregarding the opinions of others.

It is important to note that the government has blocked a number of Twitter accounts, including BBC News Punjab, pro-Khalistani MP Simranjit Singh, pro-Khalistan Canadian lawmaker Jagmeet Singh, and several other Punjab-based journalists who were actively inciting fear on the microblogging platform and misrepresenting the actions of the Punjab police to the outside world.


Previously, pro-Khalistan Canadian MP Jagmeet Singh raised “concerns” about the operation that was still in progress in Punjab. He compared the government of Punjab’s efforts to do so to the measures adopted during the Punjab insurgency.

In the article, Singh admits that he knows very little about Amritpal Singh, the pro-Khalistani leader. He also refers to him as a “Sikh activist” who “worked to curb the drug epidemic.” He claims to know nothing about Amritpal and his supporters, who recently organised an armed assault on Punjab Police officers. They had taken Lovepreet Toofan, a close assistant to Singh, into custody in connection with a kidnapping case. Author Simran Jeet Singh, however, has been perceived as lending support to pro-Khalistani separatists and anticipates that the Indian government would not take action to disarm separatist groups.

Fake News Circulated

The Punjabi government had stated that the suspension of the internet and communications restrictions would only last until March 23. According to reports, various social groups were reportedly organising rallies around the State and posing a threat to the peace by inciting violence.

Singh also has to take into account that on March 18 the police started a crackdown on pro-Khalistani elements and Amritpal Singh because they were attempting to sabotage the peace and law and order in the state. In the course of the operation, the police also seized many firearms, bulletproof vests, and rifles from the home and vehicle of wanted man Amritpal Singh.

The 114 people detained were pro-Khalistan persons who backed Amritpal Singh. They attempted to sabotage the state’s peace and harmony once the crackdown started. The police detained these pro-Khalistani followers and relocated some of them to Assam. This was done to prevent a repetition of the Ajnala incident.

Open Society Foundation Supports Anti India Elements

With numerous networks he funds, including NGOs, the media, the intelligentsia, George Soros has repeatedly demonstrated his eagerness to wage war against the nationalist government in India over the past few decades.

NGO of George Soros files plea against Modi govt at Delhi HC
PC OpIndia

In terms of his charitable efforts, Soros’ OSF established a stronghold in India under the Obama administration. OSF has attempted to meddle in the internal affairs of India ever since it entered the country. These organisations are crucial in shaping the first story. They use the media and the judiciary to obstruct the national interest.

As OSF affiliates and its benefactors continue to accuse the Indian government of supposed “mass repression”. Soros and his organisation now appear to be supporting pro-Khalistani factions as well.

Recently, American-Hungarian billionaire George Soros publicly accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his administration of supporting Adani, making it apparent that he intended to take political action against Modi. Then, Soros was described as dangerous, wealthy, opinionated, and having supported organisations to overthrow countries he disagreed with by India’s foreign minister, S. Jaishankar.

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