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Exit Poll Analysis 2022 – Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh

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As India prepares for the Mega Polls in 2024, many states are holding state assembly elections. Many states are due for elections, but Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh are currently engaged in a battle for the next government. Gujarat has been a strong BJP bastion for decades, while Himachal Pradesh has always surprised both parties. Electoral results are expected on the 8th of December 2022, so the exit poll analysis 2022 provides a rough idea of who will win. Instead, who has been able to earn the trust of the people?

Gujarat Exit Polls Analysis 2022

Exit poll Analysis 2022 have predicted the BJP’s victory yet again, with some even predicting they’ll surpass their 2002 peak. Since 1995, the BJP has been the state’s ruling party, but its seat share has declined. However, many Congressmen have defected to the BJP in recent years, thus providing them with a strong foundation for victory.

Furthermore, PM Modi and HM Amit Shah campaigned with full gusto, adding to the overall undeniable fact that BJP shall emerge victorious.

This occurred simultaneously with Rahul Gandhi’s Bharat Jodo Yatra. It doesn’t seem like either Congress or AAP have a bright future, especially in the current elections. The Chintamani-JD and ATS with their impeccable exit polls have shown a clear victory for BJP in Gujarat.

JD-Chintamani Exit poll 133+/-7 45+/-5 2+/-2 2+/-2
ATS Exit Poll 133+/-7 45+/-5 2+/-2 2+/-2
 Times Now Exit Poll 131 41 6 4
Jan Ki Baat Exit Poll 129 43 10
P-Marq Exit Poll 138 36 2
TV9’s Exit Poll 128 45 4 5


Himachal Pradesh Exit Polls Analysis 2022

Congress and BJP are engaged in a nail-biting contest in Himachal Pradesh, in which BJP has an advantage. A majority of exit polls predict that the BJP will narrowly win the hot-seated election. According to most exit polls, Congress will come in second.

Times Now -ETG 38 28 0 2
Axis-My India 29 35 4 0
Zee-BARC 38 23 4 3
Jan Ki Baat 37 29 0 2
Today’s Chanakya 33 33 0 2
Matrize 35-40 26-31 0 00-03
ATS Polls 45 19-20 0 02+ 01 CPI
P-Marq 34-39 28-33 00-01 01-04-
Chintamani- JD 40+/-5 28 +/-5 0 0


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