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CAA Implementation: PM Modi and BJP’s Masterstroke in Making!

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PM Modi’s next Masterstroke is in the works!!! In a significant announcement, Union Minister of State for Home Affairs, Ajay Mishra Teni, declared on Sunday that the CAA is set to be implemented in the coming months. In his statement, the minister assures the public that the government is committed to upholding the law, despite facing opposition and numerous petitions filed against the legislation.

Historical Context and Challenges

The Citizenship Amendment Act is rooted in addressing the historical challenges faced by persecuted minorities in neighboring countries. Sanatanis across the globe have only one power center to ask for help. Thus, the legislation aims to fast forward and facilitate the citizenship of migrants belonging to Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Jain, or Parsi communities from Bharat’s Muslim neighbors!

Therefore, Sanatanis or Parsis from Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan who entered India on or before December 31, 2014, are the only ones the CAA benefits!

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However, the implementation of this pro-Sanatanis legislation has not been without controversy. The law faced widespread protests and opposition. The critics of this legislation argue that it violates the secular principles enshrined in the Indian Constitution. The Muslim peaceful community calls this law biased against Muslims! The legislation was roled back by the Modi government due to the rising international controversy and large-scale protests by the opposition and toolkit activists.

CAA Protests: A Politically Motivated Landscape

Anti-CAA protests: A reiteration of people power over political muscle
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The protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act gained momentum in 2019. They were not merely spontaneous expressions of dissent. Rather, they were a politically motivated vendetta of the opposition parties against the BJP. Moreover, it was a strategic way to pay off ‘peaceful’ mobs while mobilizing the ‘toolkit’ machinery against the BJP government.

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Political Posturing:

Tweet Bank: #IndiaSupportsCAA (BJP's pro-CAA toolkit leaked Dec 31, 2019) : r/india
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Congress and other opposition parties leveraged the CAA as a rallying point against the ruling BJP government. They have deliberately been framing this legislation as a threat to India’s secular fabric. However, the only threat the legislation poses is to their vote-bank politics.

Regional Dynamics:

In states like West Bengal, the TMC leaders seized the opportunity to amplify the narrative that the CAA disproportionately favored certain communities, potentially disrupting the delicate social equilibrium. However, the truth is out about TMC leaders cushioning their electoral margins by helping Bangladeshis gain illegal Indian Voter IDs.

Thus, all political parties that oppose this pro-Sanatani legislation do not want their illegal ‘peaceful’ stooges to be inconvenienced.   

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Electoral Calculations:

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The CAA protests helped certain states boost their electoral margins. Opposition parties strategically aligned their stance against this legislation while helping illegal ‘peaceful’ immigrants gain a foothold within the Indian electoral system. Case in point, the recent discovery of a large number of illegal immigrants in Assam, West Bengal, and Manipur! Mobilizing their ‘toolkit’ media and illegal immigrant mobs these parties aimed to score political points against the BJP. These pseudo-guardians of secularism were only looking out for their own political gains at the cost of Bharat’s security!

Government’s Resilience: A Strategic Timeline

Despite the political storm surrounding the CAA, PM Modi and the BJP government have displayed resilience in their commitment to implementing the law. Ajay Mishra Teni’s recent announcement, detailing the progress made by legislative committees in framing rules, reflects a strategic approach to overcome legal hurdles and expedite the implementation process.

As the legislation inches closer to implementation, it shows that PM Modi and the BJP government are readying themselves for another masterstroke for the 2024 general elections. By implementing the Citizenship Amendment Act, PM Modi will reduce the arsenal of opposition parties and his detractors. The BJP government’s meticulous planning and adherence to a strategic timeline indicate a balancing act. PM Modi is ensuring that the nation’s commitment to CAA is also a political milestone for BJP in the 2024 general elections. However, the impending implementation of the Citizenship Amendment Act remains a critical chapter in India’s legislative journey. May Bharat always be a safe haven for Sanatanis! May its policies always protect Hindus from the atrocities of ‘peacefuls’!

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