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Sharia in Bihar? Decoding Bihar’s New Holiday List 2024

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The state of Bihar is still under the cloud of its caste-based survey of 2022 and its related debates! Now, CM Nitish has sparked a new controversy. Bihar’s Holiday list for 2024 showcases the appeasement politics at its peak.

In the recently released Bihar caste-based survey of 2022, the demographics of the state highlight an 81.99% Hindu population and 17.70% Muslim population. However, to gain the required Muslim support for the dot-dot alliance, CM Nitish is ready to sell off the state of Bihar! Looks like Bihar’s holiday list 2024 is a step towards Sharia Law!

An Islamic Shift in Bihar’s Holiday List 2024

Bihar’s new holiday list for 2024 reveals a realignment of school holidays that gives blatant preference to Islamic festivals. Despite being in the majority, CM Nitish has canceled holidays for Janmashtami, Rakshabandhan, and Shivratri in schools. At the same time, the Eid holidays have been increased from one day to three days. Will the Hindus of Bihar understand this as a deliberate preferential treatment for Muslims?

Sharia Implementation: Appeasement Politics for Urdu Schools in Bihar

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Although the holiday list is shocking, there are more surprises in store for Bihar! Urdu schools will be allowed to follow their distinctive weekly schedule. Instead of having Sunday as their weekly holiday, Urdu schools will now observe Friday as their weekly day off.

This move is a clear case of appeasement politics in play. Seems like Jumma prayers hold significance in the heart of CM Nitish.

To ensure that Sharia compatibility, Urdu schools will be allowed to stay shut on Fridays instead of Sundays. Is this not a clear case of the slow imposition of Sharia in Bihar?

Politically Incorrect Mr. Tejashwi Yadav

While the Islamization of Bihar is on the go, Tejashwi Yadav made serious anti-Hindu comments recently. Reports state that the leader viewed visiting temples as merely an act  or drama for Hindus. Moreover, he strongly feels that going to temples does not guarantee a job or employment. Thus, it is clear that being a Hindu and a devout Hindu is not appreciated by RJD and its leader. Contrarily, the Sharia-compliant weekly off and Bihar’s new holiday list 2024 clearly demonstrates that being a devout Muslim is a good thing.

Evaluating the Impact on Hindus

Caste-Census in Bihar
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The changes in Bihar’s holiday list 2024 have prompted discussions about the political motivations behind these decisions. CM Nitish is clearly wooing Muslim votes ahead of the 2024 general elections. Under the guise of inclusivity, Hindus are being taught to ignore their own religious functions and temples.

Do Hindus now recognize the reality of Bihar’s Caste-based survey of 2022? While CM Noitish cleaves the united Hindu community in Bihar into castes, he unites his Muslim votes by showing Sharia compliance. The changes in school holidays and the altered schedule for Urdu schools underscores the active suppression of Bihar’s Hindus by CM Nitish and the dot-dot coterie.

The mask of secularism, equality, and inclusivity hides the fact that CM Nitish and RJD are trying to alter the socio-cultural fabric of Bihar. Their public decision to divide Hindus and shame them for going to temples shows their underlying Hinduphobia. The state’s future is dark with the rising Sharia influence on public holidays. Will Bharat now have the Islamic Republic of Bihar in its midst? Is the Islamization of Bihar the first step towards Ghazwa-e-hind and Sharia law? We hope not! Jai Shri Ram!

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