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Nitish Kumar And The Series Of Vulgarity That Followed

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Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has recently made headlines for his vulgar and inappropriate comments inside the assembly, attempting to discuss “sex education”.

Nitish Kumar's crude remarks in Bihar assembly come under fire | India News - The Indian Express
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The State of Women’s Health in Bihar

Bihar has long struggled with inadequate healthcare infrastructure and high rates of maternal mortality, rape crimes, dowry deaths, infant mortality and overall suffering of women. As of December 2022, Bihar’s maternal mortality rate (MMR) was alarmingly higher than the national average. An MMR of 118 compared to the national average of 97 per lakh live births. These statistics show the state’s challenges in providing quality healthcare to its female population.

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Maternal Mortality in India | 15 Mar 2022
PC Drishti IAS

A 2022 report by the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) revealed significant deficiencies in Bihar’s second-tier health infrastructure.

In a sample study of five districts, including the capital, Patna, none of the district hospitals had a functional operating theater (OT), intensive care unit (ICU) or a blood bank.

Bed availability was limited to just 10% of the required capacity, and 60% of patients had to pay for prescribed medicines out of their pockets. Diagnostic facilities were virtually nonexistent, further exposing the dire state of healthcare in Bihar.

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The Disastrous Impact of Nitish Kumar’s Comments

Nitish Kumar’s comments not only display a shocking lack of propriety and decency. It highlights a deeply problematic attitude towards women’s health and reproductive rights. His statements essentially put the responsibility of birth control solely on women, indicating that it is their duty to prevent pregnancies. This attitude is reminiscent of victim-blaming and reflects a disregard for women’s dignity and well-being.

The Chief Minister’s casual dismissal of birth control methods, such as condoms, and his focus on men’s desires and actions reveal a callous indifference to family planning. Further, it ignores the need for both partners to be involved in responsible decisions about reproduction. This approach perpetuates the burden on women. It also contributes to the perpetuation of issues like maternal mortality, anemia and risky pregnancies.

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I apologise, take back my words…..

This move comes in the wake of a heated row and public outrage over his earlier comments in the assembly.

The incident had sparked widespread condemnation. It led to a furious debate about the dignity and decorum of the assembly. There is the broader issues surrounding women’s health and reproductive rights. Nitish Kumar’s comments had been widely criticized for perpetuating harmful stereotypes and victim-blaming. They displayed a shocking lack of respect for women.

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