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Israel Seeks Indian Workers: Shifting India-Israel Relations

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India’s PM Modi stood firmly with Israel in a swift response to the recent Hamas attack on Israel. The government condemned the “terrorist attacks.” Thus, India declared solidarity with Israel in this difficult time. Moreover, these words uttered just hours after the assault, signify the notable change in the India-Israel relationship since Modi came to power in 2014.

For the first time, Israel’s ambassador to India, Naor Gilon, promptly thanked India for its “100% support.” It should surprise no one that now Israel seeks Indian workers immediately to replace its existing Palestinian workers. This request, after the horrific terrorist attacks in early October, displays Israel’s determination to act swiftly and surely against all threats to its sovereignty.

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The Shifting Landscape of India-Israel Relations

Israel asks India for 100,000 workers to replace Palestine workers
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For years, India upheld its historical commitment to the two-state solution for Israel and Palestine. However, with PM Modi at the helm, there has been a distinct shift. While most Western nations condemned the Hamas attack, India’s immediate pro-Israel stance was notable. It marked a departure from previous incidents, where pro-Israel remarks were often followed by more politically balanced or neutral statements.

Even the international community of analysts noted that PM Modi’s position has been consistently supportive of Israel.

However, this time an immediate and unequivocal pro-Israel reaction was also displayed by the people of Bharat.

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Additionally, India’s role at the United Nations further demonstrated this shift. When on 26th October a UN resolution for a “humanitarian truce” in Gaza was put to a vote, India chose to abstain. It joined the group of countries that were not convinced of the reasons backing the resolution. This highlighted the changing stance of Bharat on international issues concerning Israel.

Bharat in Demand: Israel Seeks Indian Workers

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Recently, a report showed that Israel seeks Indian workers. Israel has put in a formal request to replace the 100,000 Palestinian workers in its nation. In an uncompromising stance, Israel rejected Palestinian workers in the country after the 7th October Hamas attacks. Earlier this year, in May, Israel and India signed an agreement that permitted 42,000 Indian laborers to work in the Jewish State.

This fresh agreement with the Israeli administration facilitates the employment of Indian workers. However, it emphasizes the growing cooperation between India and Israel. It reaffirms the pivotal role of the Indian workforce in the Israeli labor market. Is this the beginning of a new notch in the evolving partnership? Maybe. While the politically correct world watches, India and Israel are on a path of unity against a common enemy. Unsurprisingly, this relationship has the potential to slingshot Bharat at the center stage of international politics and beyond.

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