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Poompuhar: 15,000 Year Old City

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The drowned city of Poompuhar is also known as Kaveripoompattinam has references found in the most famous Tamil epic Manimekalai. In ancient Bharat, Poompuhar which was a flourishing port city, it was also known as Puhar. It was estimated that the city was approximately 2,500 years old when its ruins were first discovered underwater by researchers, thus the new findings have surprised everyone. The researchers claim an age more than 15 thousand years. In any case, for us Bharatiya, it’s evidence of our deep and old roots.

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Barathidasan University Research of a Lost City

On January 20, researchers from the Department of Remote Sensing at Bharathidasan University, which is the lead agency of a research study claimed to have found traces of an ancient port city buried underwater between a depth of 50 and 100 metres approximately. It is located at 30 to 40 kilometres off the coast of the present-day Poompuhar in Mayiladuthuraidistrict. The study was sponsored by the Department of Science and Technology.

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They claimed that the city covered an area of approximately 250 square kilometres and featured a sizable harbour, a lighthouse, ship and dockyards, as well as settlements. S.M. Ramasamy, professor of Eminence is the national coordinator of ‘Project Poompuhar’.

What are the findings?

On the sea floor deep river cut valleys and submarine canyons were found, which signifies that Poompuhar region was prone to floods, tsunamis and cyclone-induced surges. It significantly infers that the city has been relocated and rebuilt several times and therefore the 7th time city was redeveloped about 2,500 years ago.

“We also inferred a scientifically designed harbour, about 11 km long and 2.5 km wide, running from north to south, with a number of canals meant for movement of big vessels and turning them. In between, there are broad plateaux which could have been used for loading, unloading and storing of merchandise.”

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The research has shown that there were 70-8- docks in north-south direction for a distance of 30 km. there was lighthouse with spiral staircase where pillar relics are found.

History of Poompuhar

The city’s location near the mouth of the sole perennial river in Cauvery gave it the namePuhar,” which means “estuary”. Also, the history of the Sayavanam temple in Poompuhar is documented in an inscription. The city was proudly ruled by the Chola monarchs of the Sangam Age, who also lavishly embellished it. The majority of these texts discuss the celebration of Indra Vizha, a major holiday honouring the god Indra. There are artefacts that show it was still in use throughout the late Chola era.

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The city had a well-laid out plan with flourishing markets andwarehouses of artists. The two divisions of the city were, Pattinappakkam and Maruvurpakkam and in between was Nalagandi which was the marketplace. The city had beautiful gardens, temples of Lord Shiva, Chathukka Bootham, Indra, Balaram and even Buddha stupas were prominently present there.

This discovery of 15,000 years old city will position Puhar to be one of the oldest cities in not only Bharat but all over the world. Bharat needs to do many such researches like the city of Dwaraka rose from deep down the sea and now retells the glorious past of Bharatvarsha.




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