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The True Face Of The ‘Peaceful Community’ In Afghanistan

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The true face of the peaceful community in Afghanistan has emerged from a shocking video that is bound to make any individual suffer from trauma

There is little doubt that Islam is anti-modernity.

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But that it is intolerant to even the slightest deviation from its religious practices sounds irrational.

It not only sounds irrational, but also anti-science & anti-liberty.

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This applies more in the case of women and not men.

This religion doesn’t provide any rights for women, it regards women to be the chattel of menfolk, women are portrayed as objects of carnal gratification concerning lust.

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Women are denied education and it is mentioned in the important texts of Islam that there is nothing called personal liberty for the womenfolk.

A new incident has exposed the true face of the ‘peaceful community’ in Afghanistan.

Inhuman Torture

In an incident that will send shivers down the spine of any normal person, a video has emerged on social media.

The video shows a woman being brutally lashed. The lashing is being done publicly for a violation of Islamic law in Afghanistan.

What is the fault of the woman?

She dared to play music. Yes, you heard it right, she dared to relax herself by playing music.

If this wasn’t enough, the Sharia law in Afghanistan prohibits the playing of music in any form.

Stance on Music

The Taliban’s outright ban on music is based on the imbecile logic that playing music violates the autonomy and ‘feminist mindset’ of womenfolk.

Andrew Heywood, a political scientist in his book Global Politics has articulated this idea in some detail.

He argues that it is a part and parcel of the broader trend in Islamism.

This practice has been implemented by Taliban, ISIS, Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamist groups across the world.

In fact the Taliban considers music to be a ‘haram’ in Islam.

What is most concerning is that many of the Muslim intelligensia in Bharat overtly support this stupid measure.

The True Face Of The ‘Peaceful Community’ in Afghanistan is a message for Sanatanis in Bharat that trusting a member of the ‘peaceful community’ may prove fatal for one’s life.

So please think twice before trusting a ‘peaceful’.


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