Thursday, July 25, 2024

France Under Siege By the Peaceful Community

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A new incident in France highlights France under siege by the peaceful community

France has been on the boil since the last decade.

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The reason- the actions and activities of the ‘peaceful community’- followers of Islam.

The Muslim population of France is the largest in Europe and is proliferating like anything. This has caused humongous tensions within the French society which is otherwise known for its liberty and inclusivity.

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However, a new incident has highlighted the perilous state of law and order in France, this incident also puts the spotlight on the competence of the Macron government in controlling extremism and Islamic extremism.

The Incident

In a show of strength with the terror organization Hamas, its Jihadi supporters staged a demonstration at the Place de la Republique.

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The participation of both men and women in this rally shows the fact that these dim witted knuckleheads are ready to wage jihad against France.

The most worrying thing is that these ‘peacefuls’ have turned their back on the country which sheltered them, gave them food, jobs and the hope of a leading a respectable life.

But no, these elements do not want all these things, their one and only goal is to spread jihad and revive the despicable caliphate that was abolished in 1924.

The Laicism Facade

The fragile state of law and order in France is a clear outcome of the French citizens’ misplaced priorities.

This pertains to the French doctrine of laicism.

Laicism denotes the strict separation of the church (or religion) and state i.e., ecclesiastical power from political power.

Laicism exemplifies the values of liberty, equality and fraternity.

But for Muslims of France all these do not matter at all, they are concerned about one and only one thing-to overthrow democracy and establish the rule of Shariat.

Clearly France is under siege by the peaceful community.

It is imperative that the French government realise the gravity of the problem and take steps to prevent these traitors from further poisoning their society.


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