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CM Yogi Adityanath’s Crackdown on Foreign Funds Fueling Madrasas

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The people of Bharat are buzzing with the latest developments in UP. In a remarkable move, CM Yogi Adityanath has deployed a dedicated team to scrutinize the sources of foreign funding for madrasas in the state.

A three-member SIT, led by the Additional Director General of the UP Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) Mohit Agarwal, is on a critical mission. They must thoroughly investigate funds received by madrasas from foreign countries. This initiative is part of a larger strategy to ensure the transparency and accountability of educational institutions. However, this action faces criticism from Muslims as well as Hindus. Let’s delve into the web of complexities to understand the truth. 

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Madrasas in Uttar Pradesh

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UP boasts a substantial number of madrasas. With more than 25,000 operating madrassas in the state, they are a primary source of education for the Muslim population of the state. Notably, only around 16,500 of them are officially recognized by the UP Board of Madrasa Education.

In UP, madrasas are of mainly two types – Deobandi and Barelvi. Deobandi madrasas focus on Islamic law and theology. Barelvi madrassas are more eclectic in their approach, incorporating elements of Sufism and folk traditions. Recently, UP madrassas stand accused of promoting extremism and fanaticism. Thus, a deeper investigation of the funding and agenda of these ‘peaceful’ institutes is essential for Bharat.

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The SIT’s Mission

यूपी के कई मदरसों पर विदेशी फंडिंग समेत कई इल्जाम, अब एसआईटी करेगी काम तमाम, up-madrasa-news-sit-will-investigate-foreign-funding-in-madrassas-of- up
PC ETV Bharat

ADG Mohit Agarwal led SIT is set to scrutinize the financial accounts of madrasas that receive funding from foreign sources.

Additionally, the team will delve deep into funds utilization. Thus, they will check whether the donations align with the intended purposes of the institute.

The investigation will also determine if any foreign financial assistance is being misappropriated. Therefore, it will check the institutes’ role in promoting terrorism, religious conversion, or other unlawful purposes. Consequently, it will be investigating links to anti-national activities by madrasas.

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Tracking Unregulated Madrasas on the Indo-Nepal Border

PC Times of India

The CM Yogi Adityanath’s administration has been proactive in identifying unregulated madrasas in the state. In February 2023, the state government initiated an extensive effort to trace the origins of funding for over 1,500 unapproved madrasas located in the Indo-Nepal border regions.

This endeavor is part of a larger plan that began in September 2021. Two years ago, the CM Yogi government announced its intention to conduct a detailed survey of unrecognized madrasas across the state. The survey aims to gather critical information about these institutions, including details of teachers, students, curriculum, and affiliations with any non-governmental organizations.

The SIT aims to trace the funding sources of unregulated madrasas in border areas. The porous nature of the Indo-Nepal border invites a strong scrutiny in foreign funded institutes. The initiative is driven by the belief that border educational institutions should be held to high standards of transparency and accountability. This would ensure that money from abroad is not used to encourage terrorism in Bharat.

Criticism by Hindus and Muslims

CM Yogi Aditayanth’s move is facing strong criticism from Hindus and Muslims. The Yogi administration allocated Rs 479 crore for madrasas and ‘maktabs’ in the state budget for 2023-24. This is an increase of Rs 20 crore from the previous year’s budget. Thus, many Hindus are claiming that CM Yogi is posturing after spending precious state budgets on religious institutes that promote the radicalization of Bharat’s youth.

Muslims have criticized the CM Yogi Adityanath’ SIT as a form of discrimination against India’s Muslims. They argue that the government is singling out madrassas for scrutiny. However, they forget to mention that many illegal madrassas are running in the state. They want a similar investigation into institutions run by other religious groups, but they neglect the fact that no other institution is known for spreading radicalisation or terror. They claim fear of harassment and intimidation of Muslims in UP through this SIT. But they should remember that an honest man has nothing to fear! 

In Summary

The reality is that foreign powers continue to fuel radicalization of Indian Muslims. A divided Bharat benefits the evil banking lobbies and deep state institutions. Most Muslims of Bharat are hanging on to their love of the nation by a fine thread. Their faith in the system and their love for Bharat Mata take a back seat to Islam. Therefore, their own clergy easily exploits this segment of Bharatiyas. Indian Muslims’ emotions are always kept on the edge to be used against initiatives aimed at progress of Bharat.

In institutes, like the madrasas, syllabus and donations should be strictly scrutinized. Investigations must check that their activities do not put the sovereignty of India in jeopardy. Bharat must question why foreign funds are pouring into religious institutes that are polarizing the youth of India. How many ‘peaceful’ educational institutes are running an agenda that diverts from the stated mission of education? Who gains foot soldiers to propagate their agenda on Indian soil? May CM Yogi Adityanath ‘s SIT give answers to these queries soon.

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