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Protest Fiasco From The Most Literate State Of Bharat

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Protest fiasco from the most literate state of Bharat is a hilarious reminder that literacy doesn’t really come from statistics

Kerala, the most literate state of India is famous for its human capital and for its erudition.

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The state is also known for being one of the country’s tourist paradise, famously called ‘God’s Known Country’.

But Kerala is also known for another thing, and this very very amusing.

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The beautiful state is known for holding protests with the wrong flags and silly spelling mistakes committed by the demonstrators.

But wait, this is not the fault of all Keralite residents, just members of the special community of that state.

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You heard it right- the ‘peaceful community’ of the state.

What Actually Happened?

A large wave of demonstrators protested in Kerala against Israeli military action in Gaza.

The demonstrators took out a march in favour of Palestine and even went to the extent of supporting the brutal Hamas attack on Israel.

The ‘peaceful community’ demonstrators also condemned the Indian government’s support for Israel and called for global Islamic solidarity against Israel.

But what’s Wrong in the Demonstration?

You might wonder what is wrong with the demonstration apart from its anti-national nature.

Well, please look carefully, the flag the demonstrators are waiving is not the Palestinian flag, but the Italian flag.

It is not only that, the posters which the demonstrators are carrying has the spelling of ‘Palestine’ completely wrong.

What does it Show?

The hilarious mistake the demonstrators have committed clearly shows the ‘literacy’ of the ‘peaceful community’ in Kerala.

But what is more concerning is the fact that Kerala has, of late, emerged as a hotbed of Islamist terror activity.

The outlawed Popular Front of India and its subsidiary SDPI operate in Kerala.

Further, most of the ISIS recruits from India hailed from Kerala.

It is high time the government of India begins a complete crackdown on these nefarious elements.

Meanwhile, the protest fiasco from the most literate state of Bharat doesn’t really augur well for the image of the country.

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