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Vijay Dashami: A Triumph of Light Over Darkness

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As the sun dawns on Bharat, the nation celebrates the auspicious day of Vijay Dashami. While most only remember this festival of Lord Ram‘s battle with Ravana; this day also marks the end of the eternal battle of light over darkness. The rhythmic beat of the dhak and the enchanting aroma of dhunuchi dance through the air. The sky reverberates with echoes of ‘Durga Mata Ki Jai,’ heralding the ultimate victory of the Divine Mother over Mahishasura.

Forms of Shakti Worshipped during Navaratris – Vedic Poojan
PC Vedic Poojan

The sun’s rays, casting a golden hue upon the earth, symbolize the dispelling of ignorance and the awakening of knowledge. On the day of Dussehra, Sanatanis also pay respect to the feminine divine, Ma Durga. The divine mother adorned in resplendent red, emerges victorious. Her divine strength and unwavering determination have once again vanquished the embodiment of evil, the demon Mahishasura.

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Vijay Dashami – Symbolism of Victory and Renewal

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Sanatanis gather, with heartfelt devotion and joyous smiles, to commemorate the grand finale of Navratri. It marks the triumph of righteousness over iniquity. The day of Vijay Dashami, the tenth day, marks the pinnacle of feminine energies. Today, the Feminine Divine shines the brightest.

The idols of the Ma Durga, towering in their grandeur, stand as a testament to the undying spirit of good over evil. They are more than just statues; they are a living embodiment of the cosmic energy that governs our universe.

They symbolize the process of victory and renewal in the great cosmic cycle.

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In these statues, Sanatanis see the essence of Ma Shakti, the sacred feminine energy that reigns supreme. Hindus all over Bharat mark Vijay Dashami’s courageous battle of Ma Durga and Mahishasura. This perfect manifestation of Ma Durga wields weapons in her multiple arms to symbolize the creative and destructive powers of the cosmos.

Embracing the Divine Within

Navaratri – The celebration of the nine forms of Adi Shakti

As Sanatanis immerse themselves in this sacred celebration, the festival has Vijay Dashami profound lessons to impart. It teaches Sanantanis that no matter how formidable the evil, Dharma will always prevail. However, it reminds Sanatanis that inner strength, when united with devotion and perseverance, can overcome any challenge.

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In the symbolism of Vijay Dashami, the Hindus of Bharat find the inspiration to face their own inner demons and emerge victorious. Vijaya Dashami encourages all to embrace the divine that resides within every living thing. Just as Ma Durga defeated Mahishasura, may we too conquer the negative forces within us. Let this day encourage us to awaken the divinity within, tap into our inherent power, and overcome the darkness of our own ignorance.

With every beat of the dhak and every chant of ‘Durga Mai Ki Jai,’ Sanatanis affirm their faith in the triumph of light over darkness. As Bharatiyas seek the blessings of the Divine Mother, may she illuminate the righteous path and dispel the shadows of ignorance. With unwavering faith and dedication, Sanatanis can conquer all adversities and march forward in the radiance of divine light. Jai Mata Di!

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