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Leftist-Islamist Nexus: Sherwani’s Supporters and the Kaneria Debate

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Former Pakistani cricketer Danish Kaneria embroiled himself in a social media storm with a seemingly relevant suggestion to Arfa Khanum Sherwani. What started as a request to avoid insulting Indian cricket fans quickly escalated into a battle of identities and loyalties.

World Cup 2023: Former cricketer Danish Kaneria and Indian Journalist Arfa Khanum Sherwani involved in Twitter war | Cricket Times
PC Cricket Times

Kaneria made a plea for Sherwani to migrate to Pakistan if she had issues with her Indian identity. This led to a controversial exchange on social media, shedding light on deeper issues.

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Arfa Khanum Sherwani’s Identity Crisis

Arfa Khanum Sherwani, a prominent journalist associated with The Wire, stirred the pot when she announced that she “ashamed” of her Indian identity. It is due to the alleged “majoritarianism” displayed by Indian cricket fans during the 2023 World Cup. Danish Kaneria, a Hindu minority living in predominantly Muslim Pakistan and no stranger to discrimination himself, took issue with this statement.


Sherwani raised eyebrows when she declared that her shame was tied to her Indian identity. Kaneria suggested that she consider migrating to Pakistan. This was seen as an attack on her Indian Muslim identity by the Left.

However, Sherwani resorted to what some labeled the “Muslim victim card”. She accused Kaneria of communalism and majoritarianism.

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Selective Outrage and False Equivalence

Sherwani’s response was not only divisive but also exhibited a degree of selective outrage. She equated Kaneria’s suggestion with forced conversions in Pakistan, conveniently ignoring the plight of Hindus and other religious minorities there.

Danish Kaneria’s Troubled Past

Shoaib Akhtar Should Reveal Names Of Players Who Discriminated Against Danish Kaneria, Says Basit Ali | Cricket News
PC NDTV Sports

Kaneria’s comments were not made in isolation. The former Pakistani cricketer faced abuse and discrimination throughout his career, primarily because of his Hindu faith. His experiences were confirmed by former cricketer Shoaib Akhtar. He shed light on the discrimination Kaneria faced in the Pakistan cricket dressing room, including an attempt by Shahid Afridi to convert him to Islam. These experiences led Kaneria to speak out about forced conversions.

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Identity vs. Loyalty

In the midst of this social media clash, Kaneria challenged Sherwani to demonstrate her loyalty to India and its culture. While she responded swiftly when it came to her “religious victim card,” she remained silent regarding her allegiance to her country. This challenge underscores a larger issue: the apparent contradiction between Sherwani’s privileged life in India and her apparent disdain for her Indian identity.

The Leftist-Islamist Nexus

In the midst of this controversy, it’s crucial to note the support Sherwani received from what some have called the “Leftist-Islamist nexus.” Supporters of Sherwani framed her as a victim of religious and communal hatred while overlooking Kaneria’s genuine concerns and experiences. This divisive narrative only serves to further polarize the situation.

Kaneria, a Pakistani Hindu, remains proud of his nationality despite his struggles, Sherwani’s public statements raise questions about her allegiance to India!

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