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Muslim Solidarity with Hamas: A Global Phenomenon

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Ever since the war in Gaza began, India has expressed its solidarity as a nation with Israel. However, some contrary Islamist organizations have unsurprisingly and disconcertingly expressed Muslim solidarity with Hamas. They are trying to whitewash the inhuman actions of this Islamist organization in the recent attacks on Israel. Most Muslims worldwide feel that standing with Hamas is equal to standing with Palestine.

In a similar misguided extremist attempt, Kerala’s Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH), a radical Islamic group, set an event to express their support for Hamas. The Indian government has banned this extremist group in 2019. However, the truth is Kerala’s authorities and policies allow radicals and anti-nationals to prosper unfettered. Let’s talk some more about how Hamas shows the reality of the Muslim Solidarity! 

Kerala’s Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH) and Palestine Solidarity Convention

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Reports state that JIH, a banned Islamist radical organization, wants to hold an event known as the ‘Palestine Solidarity Convention.’ This event is to be held on October 13, with a poster reading, “Zionist Adhinivesha Bheekarathakkethire.” This roughly translates to “Against Zionist Occupying Terrorism.”

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Notably, the JIH has allegedly invited key figures such as the Ambassador of Palestine to India, Adnan Abu Alhaija, and the Vice Chancellor of the Islamic University of Gaza, Dr. Kamlain Shaa’ath. The JIH confirms that the Palestinian envoy will address the convention virtually. However, it is unlikely that Dr. Shaa’ath will attend the event in the face of the ongoing crisis between Israel and Palestine. Why is a banned organization still operational in Congress’ Kerala? Who is letting them prosper despite their anti-national activities? Why are they allowed to hold events to show Muslim solidarity with Hamas?

Muslim Solidarity with Hamas: A Global Radicalization Problem

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Most Muslims in India fail to disconnect from their religion even to favor humanity over atrocities. This is evident in another pro-Hamas event in India. A ‘Hamas Square’ gathering in Malappuram was organized by the Students Islamic Organisation. This group held ‘special prayers’ in support of Palestine.

They are unable to distinguish the bad actions of Hamas from its Islamic religious identity. Such deeply brainwashed, radical Islamists reflect the broader sentiments within most of the Muslim community worldwide.

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Muslim solidarity with Hamas in India is not an isolated national incident. Most Global Muslim leaders want the world to focus on Palestine’s plight and not Hamas’ terror attacks. Hamas activists and Muslim clerics are calling for ‘Global Jihad’ to support the Palestinian cause. However, they are also covertly approving Hamas’ acts of inhumane and immoral brutality. The world can only watch as these supporters of brutality congregate on streets and shout Pro-Hamas slogans. Similarly, India is also grappling with most members of its second largest majority community forgetting their humanity and condoning Hamas’ actions.

The Brutality of Hamas: A Forgotten Reality

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Hamas is not just responsible for the death of Israeli Jews. Its unprovoked terrorism has directly led to the death of Palestinian citizens. While Jews are donning a soldier’s uniform to fight for Israel, Hamas members have scuttled away like rats into unknown tunnels. Hamas is using Gaza citizens as a human shield, leaving innocent Muslim civilians vulnerable to the consequences of their actions.

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It is vital to recognize that Muslim lives lost in Gaza are often the result of Hamas’s tactics and strategies. Why does this reality not ring any bells in the minds of misguided Muslims? Why does the Israel-Hamas conflict have to become a War engulfing the whole Muslim World? Is it so easy to forget that Muslim lives lost in Gaza are due to Hamas‘ actions?

The expressions of Muslim solidarity with Hamas raise such questions in every sane human, irrespective of religious identity. The prominent concern in every human mind is that some Islamists place the actions of terrorists above the lives of ordinary Muslim citizens. Expressions of global Muslim solidarity with Hamas bring to light many ethical and moral questions surrounding the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict.

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