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‘Peacefuls’ Threaten a Mumbai-Based Muslim Model for Wishing a Hindu

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In a disheartening incident, a young Muslim girl finds herself under threat from within her own community. Sana Farheen, a Mumbai-based model from Ranchi, has become a victim of cyberbullying, harassment, and even rape threats for a seemingly innocent act – wishing her Hindu friend on his birthday. This incident shatters the myth that the threat to minorities in India solely comes from the Hindu majority; it highlights the stark reality that the danger often originates within a community itself.

Horrific Threats and Unsettling Reality

Model Sana Farheen abused, and harassed by Islamists for wishing Hindu friend on birthday
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Sana Farheen’s story reveals the alarming extent of online abuse and threats she is enduring. Her friendly gesture of sharing a social media story of celebrating a Hindu friend’s birthday was distorted and exploited by radical elements within her own community. The innocent friendship between individuals of different faiths was twisted into a false narrative, sparking a barrage of hatred by radical Islamists.

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The consequences have been severe for Sana. She is subjected to continuous body-shaming, slut-shaming, and sexually explicit threats like rape. The online trolls have spared no effort to tarnish her image, even calling her a “Kafir”. Moreover, they have invaded her privacy and even exposed her family’s personal details online. Such actions have caused profound mental distress and emotional turmoil for both Sana and her family.

Sana Farheen Exposes Her Culprits 

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Sana states individuals like Abu Talha are behind these threats. She categorically named him as the mastermind behind cyberbullying campaigns. Backed by a group of 40 individuals on Instagram, Abu Talha targets Muslim girls with vicious trolling, often propagating toxic narratives against them. They propagate fake agendas like the ‘Bhagwa Love Trap’.

Moreover, such agendas are further amplified by the use of anti-Hindu groups like “Save Muslim Girls” and “Islamic World” on social media platforms.

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Sana’s case showcases the extent of the menace by radical Islamists against their own community members.

Additionally, Sana points to the role of certain Islamic clerics in Jharkhand who have threatened her with fatwas and intimidation. Groups like “Adam Sena” have openly targeted her, making her ordeal even more harrowing. Despite her attempts to raise awareness about her situation, the harassment continues unabated.

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A Bigger Issue at Hand

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Sana Farheen’s incident underscores a broader concern about rising radicalism in the nation. Similar attacks have been directed at public figures of the Muslim communities under the guise of safeguarding traditional Islamic beliefs. Earlier, an actress and TMC MP Nusrat Jahan faced backlash for her marriage to a non-Muslim man. She was heavily trolled for participating in the Durga Puja festival. These instances draw attention to the deeply rooted regressive mindset in radical youth groups. Extremists and radicals feel threatened by the progress and empowerment of women in Islam. Thus, this specific religious faction of ‘peacefuls’ is doing its best to limit the freedom of Muslim women.

Sana Farheen’s story brings to light the grim reality of Indian Muslim women. They find themselves under threat from their own community based on the radical ideologies of Islamic extremists. Moreover, the incident dispels the notion that the danger to Muslims comes solely from outside the community. It underscores the need for an Islamic society to weed out the radicals from within to feel safe in India.

Additionally, the story emphasizes that progressive values and women’s rights are often challenged from within Islam. There is a need to address and eradicate such toxic mindsets of the extremists in Islam. Therefore, ‘re-educating’ the radical groups within Islam is now essential to protect the freedom and safety of all women in India, irrespective of their faith. When the radical group and their extreme ideologies disappear from Islam, only then can the Muslim society aspire for true progress in India and harmony with Hindus.

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