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Need of Rationality for Muslims of Bharat

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Rationality is the need of the hour for Muslims of Bharat to call themselves true citizens

Rationality is defined as applying a skeptical attitude to perception of things in life.

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It denotes accepting nothing at face value.

Observation, experimentation and verification are the keystones of Rationality.

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In everyday life, it means adopting a scientific approach towards looking at everything, religion and religious scriptures being the most prominent among them.

Rationality was emphasised by intellectuals over the years across different societies.

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In India that approach was emphasised by intellectuals like Raja Ram Mohun Roy, D.K Karve, Dr B.R.Ambedkar etc.

But while Bharat is moving ahead, a section of Bharatiya society continues to lag behind, both in their outlook and perception- Muslim citizens of our country.

Problem with Muslim citizens

Majority of Indians are not against anybody and do not favour discriminatory behaviour towards their fellow citizens.

But we cannot help but witness the problematic behaviour of our Muslim neighbours.

They are problematic because of many reasons-

Trust-The arrest of a renowned doctor Dr Adnan Ali Sarkar in a terror case in Pune by the NIA may create a fear psychosis in the minds of ordinary people.

What kind of fear psychosis?

The fear of trusting their Muslim neighbours too much lest they may backstab them under any circumstance.

Secondly, their extreme religiosity. Yes, you heard it right.

The constitution of India guarantees the right to freedom of religion under Article 25 but our Muslim brethren have taken this way too seriously.

Most of them are willing to do anything in the name of their religion, they don’t even mind proselytizing and killing their non-Muslim neighbours for religion’s sake.

Their religious fanaticism is a real problem.

Lastly, their refusal to assimilate themselves with the rest of Bharat.

India is a salad bowl when it comes to ethnicity, unity in diversity is our strength.

Unfortunately, our fellow Muslim citizens don’t seem to think that way.

The ‘you-know-who’ community refuse to sing the national anthem- Vande Mataram, refuse to chant Bharat Mata ki Jai etc.

They too don’t accept that their ethno-religious roots are the same.

They were all Hindus and not Arabs.

This fact of common lineage was confirmed by Jawaharlal Nehru in The Discovery of India.

Can they earn back the lost trust?

Given their questionable track record, it is hard for them to be trusted again.

But they can earn back the trust. How?

First of all, adopt a rational mindset, do not blindly follow your religion.

Religion is not the solution to a good life, it is an ephemeral panacea at best.

Science is the way forward.

Secondly, question your identity, who you are? What are your roots?

Adopt a rationalistic mindset and be skeptical of your religion and religious scriptures.

Question yourself this-as a modern 21st century man or woman can we blindly follow a way of life that existed in the 7th century?

Lastly, accept your Sanatan roots, jettison your Middle Eastern loyalties and learn to revel in the festivities of other religions.

Only then can you become a true Indian.

That is why there is a need of rationality for Muslims of Bharat.

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