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Muharram Mayhem : Rape, Stone Pelting, Temple Attack

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29th July 2023 was a day of holy reverence for the Muslim community; however, anti-social elements indulged in mindless violence and inhuman behavior. India saw a sharp spike in stone pelting incidents in the country under the guise of heightened emotions of anti-social miscreants. Delhi, Bihar, and UP saw mobs of Muharram participants indulge in stone pelting on innocent bystanders and the police. Bihar also witnesses the gang rape of a 17-year-old minor girl and the desecration of a Hindu temple. Kerala was rocked by a shocking rape and death of a 5-year-old girl. 

The ‘peacefuls’ were not at peace with the Hindu population or even those of other ‘peaceful’ sects. While Islamists fought each other in Pakistan and Afghanistan over Muharram processions; India saw its own share of senseless destruction of human dignity, religious piety, and personal & public property.

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Gang Rape in Bihar of a Minor 

Two participants of a Muharram procession gang raped a 17-year-old minor girl in the Araria district of Bihar on 28th July 2023. Mohammad Ashfaq and Mohammad Mumtaz have been taken into custody by the police after the victim identified them as her violators. The accused abandoned their holy procession to forcibly abduct the girl. They took her to a field and repeatedly raped her till she lost consciousness. Thereafter, they abandoned her and fled.

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The victim was rescued by villagers on 29th July without a stitch of clothes on her. The medical examination confirmed that she was raped repeatedly by the accused. The villagers went up in arms against the perpetrators of the heinous act. The police took swift action and arrested the two from the village. 

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Stone Pelting in Delhi

A section of Muharram’s procession let loose their anti-social feelings by pelting stones at the police in West Delhi. Reports state that at least 10 policemen have received injuries. The pelters damaged local shops and personal property as well. The stone pelters went mad with rage against the police who did not allow them to change the route of the ‘tazia’ procession. The route of any procession is notified and approved by the local police. Any changes to the route are not encouraged due to security concerns. 

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The police returned the stone pelting with baton-bashing. The police’s response soon ended the procession and changed the evil-doer’s mind about messing with law authorities. Currently, the region is peaceful with no untoward action by the law-breakers.

The police are following procedures to identify those elements who decided that they were above the law of India. Currently, an FIR against 100 people has been filed.

Stone Pelting in Bareilly

After the Kanwariya incident in Bareilly, tensions ran high between the two communities. The Hindu community protested the use of loud 12-foot speakers and a DJ system in the tazia procession. From the view of Islam, the ‘tazia’ procession is a solemn one. The Shia community mourns their fallen heroes of the Battle of Karbala. The use of celebratory instruments is frowned upon during the procession. 

However, in Bareilly district, the ‘tazia’ committee wanted to start a new tradition of DJ music. The police resolved the DJ music and the speaker height was reduced to 8 feet. However, the rumors that the ‘tazia’ was broken sparked riots on the streets of Bareilly. The Hindu-Muslim community clashed with each other. Some reports state that the Hindu community protested the use of the DJ system using stones. Contrarily, some reports state that Muslim members of the procession released pent-up emotions by stone-pelting innocent bystanders. Reports also state that Hindu shops were looted by the miscreants under the guise of stone pelting. The local police responded quickly to the situation. The situation in the district is peaceful; however, emotions are still volatile among the members of both communities.

Rape and Strangulation of 5-year-old in Kerala

5 Year Old Minor Girl In Kerala Abducted, Raped And Murdered By Asfaq Aslam - The Commune
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The rape and strangulation of a minor girl in Kerala has shaken the core of the nation. The girl was reported missing by her family on 28th July 2023. The police arrested Asfak Aslam, a migrant worker from Bihar, for this crime on the 30th of July 2023. The 5-year-old girl’s body was found by a waste dump near the Aluva market. The post-mortem of the body showed signs of rape and death due to strangulation. The victim was last seen by eyewitnesses with the accused. Allegedly, the accused was seen crossing the road with the girl. This was the last time anyone saw the girl alive. The police have charged Alam under Various sections of the IPC. Investigations are still on, and justice is yet to be served to the family of the minor girl.

Stone Pelting in Bihar’s Gaya

Gaya News Stone Pelting Incident During The Muharram Procession In Bihar Ann | Bihar News: गया में मुहर्रम जुलूस के दौरान दो पक्षों में हुआ विवाद, जमकर हुई पत्थरबाजी, पुलिस अधिकारी ...

Gaya district, Dumariya also witnessed mindless anti-social element-related violence. The Muharram procession members clashed with Hindus on the beating of drums. The clash of the two communities resulted in stone pelting and aggression. The members of the police force were also injured in the stone-pelting violence. The police soon brought the situation under control. The incident went by without any official FIRs on members of either community. The region is currently peaceful due to the presence of a large number of cops. 

Temple Attacked in Kaimur, Bihar

The members of the Muharram procession attacked a Hindu temple in the Kaimur district of Bihar. The clash of the Hindu-Muslim communities first resulted in sloganeering and chants. Thereafter, the situation escalated to riots and violence against Hindus. The temple of Lord Shankar was vandalized. Stones were pelted at each other and the police force. The rioting mob attacked personal vehicles and Hindu flags. The situation was forcibly brought under control by the local police. Currently, the area is peaceful under the sharp eyes of the local police.

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