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Iranian actress Shoreh Ghamar arrested by Iranian police

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Iranian actress Shoreh Ghamar arrested by Iranian police, the arrest is the pinnacle of human stupidity, let’s see why is this human stupidity

The human mind can be incredibly stupid and absurd at times. Stupidity, certainly knows no bound for some people and some regimes.

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In this case, that stupidity has been personified by the Iranian regime.

The Ayatollah regime’s police has arrested noted Iranian actress Shoreh Ghamar for her post on social media wishing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a speedy recovery after a heart surgery.

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I find it incredibly difficult to digest on exactly what grounds was she arrested.

Colluding with Iran’s enemies, threatening the Islamic republic’s existence? or some other trumped up imbecile charges.

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While we may laugh at this egregious yet amusing incident, it highlights disturbing issues regarding the Iranian theocratic regime.

Absurdity of the Arrest

I cannot help but laugh and feel outraged at this arrest. Shoreh Ghamar was arrested simply for wishing a person speedy recovery who happens to be the Prime Minister of Israel.

I can understand that Iran and Israel are arch-nemesis who are at each other’s throats on every single issue.

But what is this? Any sane thinking person will find this incident so stupid and absurd that it belies common sense.

Is there nothing called humanism?, nothing called rationality?

I mean what was her crime? that she wished someone’s speedy recovery on social media in a post.

Can anything better than this be called the pinnacle of inhumanity and irrationality?

I certainly feel not.

No Concern for Human Rights

The Ayatollah regime has simply no concern for human rights of the Iranian people.

The very foundations of the Islamic republic in 1979 was based on religion, grievances against the monarchy and ‘foreign interference’.

However, in the pre-revolution days Iran was one of the most respected countries in the world when it came to protection and preservation of human rights.

Nowadays, human rights is a laughing stock for the theocratic regime. Neither the government nor the Ayatollah believes in human rights.

It incarcerates people at will and that too on trumped up charges.

It doesn’t allow multiculturalism to flourish and doesn’t allow the secularization of education and society.

No Country for Women

When we are talking about human rights,how can women’s rights be not discussed.

Iran is certainly one of the worst countries today in the world as far as women’s rights are concerned.

Remember the anti-hijab protests by Iranian women and men last September?

Well, international statistics suggest that hundreds of people have been killed in the crackdown and thousands more have been arrested.

The mastermind of the crackdown? th IRGC or Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps.

Why was Mahsa Amin killed?

She failed to wear the Hijab properly, now the criteria for wearing hijab for the theocratic regime is to cover a women’s head fully.

She was arrested and beaten mercilessly by the morality police or Ghashad-e-Irshad simply because some portion of her hair was visible.

Nothing can be more anti-women and anti-human rights.

Another woman chess player Sara Khadem had to flee Iran and thankfully was granted Spanish citizenship because she decided to defy the regime’s diktat on mandatory hijab.

She didn’t wear the mandatory hijab at the FIDE International Chess tournament.

Let some better sense prevail

I firmly hope that common sense prevails in the Islamic regime. I hope that Ishwar grant the Ayatollah regime some buddhi.

Om Shanti!


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