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The Problem of Bengalis

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Bengalis once were renowned in every field, but of late they have become irrelevant to the national discourse, let’s understand the problem of Bengalis

Bengal was once a proud name in the Indian national landscape.

It was the bastion of Indian nationalism and the cultural capital of India.

Bengalis made the name of the country proud in every field and every way possible. Bengalis were once considered one of the best in India.

But now just look the pathetic condition of Bengalis and Bengal in general, hence an analysis to understand the real problem of Bengalis has become necessary.

Not Forward Looking

It was once said “what Bengal thinks today, India thinks tomorrow”. But today Bengali people have fallen behind the race in terms of forward thinking.

This is evident from their voting pattern, despite seeing that corruption happening right in front of them- be it the Saradha Chit Fund scam or large scale irregularities in Panchayat funds, Bengalis, especially the Bengali intelligensia will still vote either for the Trinamool Congress or the Left.

The result- the deterioration of Bengal into a barren wasteland.

Bengali people are contended with what they have! They certainly feel that Bengal doesn’t need any industry, any high income and certainly not prosperity.

We people consider, like Niccolo Machiavelli and Mahatma Gandhi that living in abject poverty is a virtue.

We criticize Gujarat and Maharashtra, but we fail to introspect where we are.

Left Minded

This is another major problem of Bengali people. They fail to realise that communism is dead, it is buried, there is no use flogging a dead horse.

But no, we still cling on to a despicable good for nothing ideology.

What did the CPI(M) government in Bengal do during their 34 year tenure in terms of industrialization, economic prosperity and job growth-nothing.

Bengal, which was once the bastion of India’s big industries is, today, only a shadow of its former self.

No big industry is there in West Bengal, the youth move out of the state to look for jobs.

On top of that, the inept TMC government has utterly failed to develop Bengal.

To compound matters, we, Bengalis are similar to colonial era relics. We romanticise the past but fail to anticipate the future.

“Hindutva, BJP & RSS are nasty” is the refrain and say nothing at the Left’s misdeeds.

Where are the so-called left wing Bengali ‘buddhijivis’ on the issue of the suicide of a young student at Jadavpur University.

Why haven’t they condemned the incident and called out the left’s toxic ecosystem in the university premises?


Today, Bengali people are no longer taken seriously, wherever we go in India, we no longer get respect and reverence.

Only Ishwar knows when will this eclipse of my people will end!

Therefore the problem of Bengalis need to be understood thoroughly.

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