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Kerala Hindu Girl Regrets Love Jihad Now!

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Love Jihad has been labelled as a propaganda term by the entire Left ecosystem. They denied vehemently any claims of conversion of Hindu girls via love traps by Muslims.

Athulya’s Conversion To Islam

One such activist was Athulya Ashokan from Kerala. Young Athulya found joy in mocking “The Kerala Story”. She even went ahead to berate the story for portraying the true reality of Love Jihad! In her world, Love Jihad was a term to maliciously affect the “true love” by Hindu activists.

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Upon a closer look, it turned out that Athulya was a victim of a much larger ecosystem. Examining her social media revealed how a young Keralite Hindu girl was absorbed. y Islamists. Her “friends” brain washed the naive Athulya. Her social media was soon flooded with her hijab “friends” cluttered around her.

PC X: Sunanda Roy 

As is the modus operandi, Athulya converted to be eligible for Nikah with her boyfriend, Risal Mansoor! The matter did not stop here. Hindu brothers and brethren tried to wArn Athulya multiple times. The vigilantism increased further post the release of “The Kerala Story”!

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Athulya’s Response To “The Kerala Story”

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Upon release, “The Kerala Story” created quite a stir. The movie portrayed Islamic groups actively recruiting for terror organizations. Unsuspecting Hindu girls, engaged in love affairs with Muslim men, found themselves impregnated. They opted for conversion to Islam for Nikah, and predictably, they all became sex slaves for Jihadis in Syria.

Athulya responded to this with plain mockery and then flaunted her soon-to-be husband, Risal Mansoor. In fact, after the ceremonies, she turned into an advocate for Islam!

Life In Danger?!

As it turns out, sadly for Athulya, she claims her life is in danger. What’s more hard hitting for her is that it is Risal Mansoor who poses threat to her.

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This is exactly why her Hindu brothers and sisters were warning Athulya! Her posts and comments have been turned off! Even her posts with Risal have disappeared. This is a serious matter that needs cognisance immediately!

Why Are Hindu Girls Not Waking Up?!

Athulya’s case poses a serious question: Why do Hindu girls become victims to such blatant facts? This marks not the first instance of Love Jihad. Hindu girls actively promote interfaith marriages. What ensues? A suitcase or a fridge! In this case, wokeism led a terrified Hindu girl to convert, and she is now off the grid.

Alarm bells should ring high! Hindu girls must wake up, and so must the menfolk! We can only hope and pray for Athulya now. Meanwhile, let’s awaken and spread awareness to prevent a recurrence of such horrors against our Hindu sisters!

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