Thursday, July 25, 2024

Why Wokeism is a Threat to India?

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Wokeism is a serious threat to India, the woke syndrome needs to be exterminated

It is defined as a stream of thought of individuals, institutions etc.

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It prioritizes, in its pristine meaning, the need to correct systemic inequalities and injustices that is pervasive in any society.

Such an idea was propagated by the American left to undertake welfarist programs during the Nixon, Reagan and other yester and current administrations.

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The term, however, has been changed to a notion that privileges the concerns and interests of the minority over the majority.

Woke Template-Tool for Propaganda

The idea is not a new concept.

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Its roots date back to the civil rights movement of the US of the 1960s and the second wave of feminism around the 1970s in the Euro-Atlantic zone.

However, the idea of being a woke has become, unfortunately, a template for propaganda for achieving rectitude in various areas.

This has contributed to a raging gender-sex debate in the West which is adversely affecting the academic circles.

This template has been propagated to other areas such as religion, culture, human rights etc.

The backlash against its excessiveness is seen in the controversial anti-abortion judgment of the US Supreme court.

Propaganda devices of wokeism include allowing switching gender identities readily.

It also prioritizes the rights of the religious and ethnic minorities more than the majority and advocating a liberal refugee intake policy of the state.

The Columnist like Ben Shapiro, journalist Piers Morgan have hit out at the blatant nature of this woke propaganda.

Wokeism – A Threat to India

This has emerged as a serious threat to the societal peace of Bharat.

It is manifested in the Marxist-Islamist nexus in India’s elite universities. It has spun an ecosystem of hate for the majority Hindu community and other Indic minorities.

Such narratives have peddled a woke propaganda which demonizes everything that there is in Sanatan Dharma.

Woke culture considers it legitimate to berate Hinduism and its way of life in pop culture, books, social media etc.

This is evident from the mammoth controversy surrounding the film Om Raut directed Adipurush, Wendy Doniger’s book The Hindus- An Alternative History etc.

It is this woke culture that normalizes the idea that Muslims in India have a greater right over the resources of the country than Hindus.

It legitimizes the fact that Dharma, Brahmanism, Hindu are cuss words. Due consideration must be given only to the minorities who pose no threat to India-Muslims being the most important.

It turns a blind eye to Muslim exceptionalism and the problematic political and national loyalties of the largest ‘minority’ in India.


There is a serious need to introspect it.

The concerns of the majority community in India must be accorded primacy in every level of decision-making. The Indic narrative must triumph over the woke propaganda.






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