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African Countries Defying American Supremacy

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In the recent quest for a sovereignty, African countries are seen defying American norms. Yes, it seems quite paradoxical. That how African countries could try to defy the superpower America. But, the world is no more the same. Since the arrival of the new world order and growing momentum of de-dollarisation; world is about to change. And the scenario of the countries is also taking a new shape. In this course, the African countries cannot be left behind. The changes happening in one of the most underdeveloped part of the world is taking shape in the form of defying American supremacy.

Africa Still A Modern Slave?

Modern African history is of slavery and colonisation. And then, breaking the shackles of slavery. That period of European colonialism was the darkest phase in African history. The brutalities they faced was immense, and still remains hidden from the world. These nations saw the breaking of their ancient practice, extreme racial discrimination and exploitation.

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Eventually, the African countries have to live in utter poverty and under the dominance of American and European dominance still after getting independent. Because, they have ultimate galore of natural resources which is exploited by the superpower countries.

Currently, China is also expanding into African continent, with the same intent of exploitation.

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Zambia’s Backlash At America

While American VP Kamala Harris was on a visit to Zambia. However, a strong resistance came from the opposition leaders’ side. The opposition leader Fred M’membe of Zambia gave strong statements against the USA and its dominance. Something that the world know from long time, but never tried to express it. But, now the smaller nations like Zambia are rising up against the unnecessary dominance and interference of America. The habit of USA to play with the nations’ future and dump them in utter chaos in the name of democracy is the height of hypocrisy. Hence, the opposition leader called out this hypocrisy of America in strict words.

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“A country that has been built in brutal force, on enslavement of other human being, on humiliation, exploitation and plunder of Africans, is going to teach us about Democracy.”

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He even took the name of several leaders of African nations who were toppled by the American might and treachery.

“The killers of Patrice Lumumba, those who toppled Kwame Nkrumah, those who killed Nasser, those who killed Muammar Gaddafi, today are coming to teach us about democracy,”

Uganda’s Anti- LGBTQ Law

Uganda’s government has passed a new bill banning the identification of LGBTQ+ individuals, prompting concerns from human rights advocates. The law, known as the “Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO) Bill 2020”, imposes strict regulations on civil society organisations and prohibits them from advocating for LGBTQ+ rights.

The legislation was passed by the Ugandan parliament in March 2023 and will take effect in July 2023. The bill was met with criticism from civil society groups and activists, who argue that it will further marginalise LGBTQ+ people in Uganda and limit their access to healthcare and other services.

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The bill was introduced by the government as part of a wider crackdown on civil society organisations that it claims are promoting “Western values” and “foreign interests”. The government has argued that the legislation is necessary to protect Ugandan culture and values. These were the words said by one of the lawmakers of Uganda-

“This is about the sovereignty of our nation, nobody should blackmail us, nobody should intimidate us.”

It shows that African countries are clear on the standpoint that these are direct attack on the values of the society. Furthermore, America is behind all this game plan to infect countries with these movements across the world.

Africa’s Role In De-Dollarisaton

As the American economy is beginning to shake, the world is reclining towards new axis. The new axis which has no dollars, no exploitation, no stringent penalties on their social order. This new axis will take shape with economic power. Hence, the world is treading towards building a new economic alliance, where there is no role of dollar. And India is also one of the pioneers in this process. Where many countries have joined hand with India to trade in Indian rupees. In this major step, African countries are equally contributing in being the partners.

Therefore, this has come up as the biggest financial challenge to America.

BRICS, which is a group of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa; one of the fast paced developing nations. In August these countries are also trying to bring a financial mechanism which will contribute in de-dollarisation. And undoubtedly, Africa is going to contribute immensely in this endeavour.


All these examples indicate that the world is shifting and American dominance is now challenged. Whether on economic front, social front or political front, African countries are no more going to be subverted by America.




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