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Soft Power & Cultural Diplomacy

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Soft power & cultural diplomacy both play a crucial role in promoting the interests of a country in this world of turbulent politics

Power plays a crucial role in international politics, the idea of power has been traditionally understood in terms of military capabilities  and outcomes  in wars and conflicts. With the  advent of global revolution of democracy, culminating  from the second half of the 20th century, the notion of power has undergone radical changes with the power being understood in terms of  augmenting influence not from the point of victory in war but in terms of peace. In this context the contous of soft power has  gained significance; a crucial component of soft power is cultural diplomacy which is calling the shots in the field  of diplomacy and has undergone monumental transformation with the evolution of soft power.

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Power as understood in international politics is the sum total of a nation-states’ overall strength and not just economic strength, but also military strength, the power and cohesiveness of the national society, the extent to which the country’s political system promotes or hinders the organic and institutional growth of liberal democracy and its related institutions and values. Diplomacy on the other hand denotes how  nation-states negotiate with each other in terms of affability   of nation-states to not only secure their national interests but to maintain and promote international trade, ensure peace and security and develop what the often repeated phrase of liberal internationalism says-‘rules based liberal world order’.

Soft Power

Soft power is what refers to the new and more nuanced and layered dimensions of national power, it is remarkably different from the notion of hard power which largely constitutes of military power and strength.

Soft power deals with the ability of nation-states to sway global public opinion and bolster its national interests by the appeal of its culture, knowledge, customs, traditions and history.

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Cultural diplomacy is closely connected to soft power.,it denotes how a country utilizes the cultural-historical treasure of any nation to promote its national interests and agendas among the comity of nations. Globalization has strengthen the idea of a borderless world where citizenship has become increasingly cosmopolitan in nature and has contributed to the use of culture as an essential tool of diplomacy.


It is necessary for nations which are culturally and ethnically diverse to carefully make use of soft power and cultural diplomacy to improve their international standing abroad., Nation-states across the globe  through shared cultural heritage, historical experiences and customs and traditions. and  should develop effective ways of portraying themselves onto the global stage by using the tool of cultural diplomacy,which can  increase their soft power appeal.

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Hence Soft Power & Cultural Diplomacy matters a lot.

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