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The Two Realities of Palestinian Solidarity: Italy and Saudi Arabia

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As the War in Gaza gets 44 days old, there are throes of Muslim narratives bombarding the world. The two contrasting narratives are – one illustrating Italy’s out-of-control Muslim demography and the other is a rejection of Palestinian symbols in Saudi Arabia. These stories, seemingly disparate, mirror the complex intersections of migration, cultural shifts, and human rights on the world stage.

Italy: The Rising Muslim Demographics

Palestine Flag Flies From Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy Amid Israel-Hamas War, Photo and Video Go Viral | 👍 LatestLY
PC Latestly

The Palestinian flag and smoke generators defaced the iconic Tower of Pisa in Italy. The demographic shifts in the nation clearly displayed their allegiance. Is Europe now a Muslim power? The riots and protests across all of Europe in fervent favor of Palestine show an alarming trend.

The last 10 years have seen the number of migrants in Italy surge by an astounding 419%.According to a UN report, by 2050, a third of Italy’s population is projected to be foreigners.

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Italian think-tank Fondazione Fare Futuro believes that Italy’s mass migration and the high Muslim fertility rates will ensure that Christians will be outbred in their own nation. More than half of Italy’s populace could be Muslim by the century’s end!

Saudi Arabia: No Patience For Palestinian Supporters

Two detained in Saudi Arabia for publicly praying for Gaza

On the other side, Saudi Arabia, the custodian of Islam’s holiest sites, reveals a contrasting reality. Worshippers expressing solidarity for Gaza and praying for Palestine at Mecca and Medina were detained by authorities. Their detention exposes a stark contradiction.

British actor Islah Abdur-Rahman’s account of being detained for wearing a Palestinian keffiyeh and a tasbih in Palestinian colors sheds light on Saudi Arabia’s rejection of symbols of support for Palestine.

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Thus, it is clear that Muslim solidarity with Palestine is not entertained in places of worship or importance by Saudi Arabia. Then why are pro-Palestine protesters allowed to deface monuments and threaten the local demographics in other nations? Why is Italy asked to be tolerant of its Muslim immigrants, while Muslim nations practice strict restrictions on their places of importance? 

Global Reality of the Dual Nature of Muslims

The divergence in these narratives prompts a reflection on the nuanced dynamics of religion-politics regarding Muslims across the world. While Italy grapples with the transformation brought about by Muslim migration, the Muslim nation of Saudi Arabia rejects an open display of Palestinian solidarity.

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Israel-Palestine war: Saudi Arabia detains worshippers praying for Gaza in holy sites | Middle East Eye
PC Middle East Eye

The reality is that Muslims in foreign nations are under the protection of ‘victimhood’. They always present themselves as being oppressed or misunderstood. Contrarily, Muslims in Muslim nations follow the rules of the country or face dire consequences. Moreover, the two divergent reactions to Palestinian (Palestinian Solidarity) support show that not all Muslims believe in Hamas and its so-called rebellion. Even nations that are the spiritual epicenter of Islam do not support them or their cause.

The world is witnessing the dual nature of Muslim solidarity, one in a Muslim nation where they are either forced to obey the law or face legal action and the other where they are supported by liberals and secularists to deface monuments and streets in the color of their belief.

The tales of Italy and Saudi Arabia serve as poignant reminders of the complexities inherent in the Muslim dominated world of narratives. The rate of Islamization in Europe and the US shows that the day of reckoning for the world may not be that far away! Hey Prabhu, may India shine brightly in the coming days that are surely going to be a trial of Dharma and Karma!

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