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Challenges Confronting Hindu Society in Modern India

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Hindu society in India is facing a number of challenges in the modern era. These challenges threaten the preservation and practice of our ancient beliefs. Some of the key challenges confronting Hindu society are Land Jihad, Love Jihad, lack of understanding of Sanatana Dharma, and exploitation of caste-based emotions by politicians. The need of the hour is to take steps to uphold our Dharmic values amidst the winds of change. The youth of India needs to reconnect with their roots to rejuvenate their faith in the religion of their birth.

Secularism vs. Hindu Identity

Is Indian secularism 'anti-Hindu' in nature? | Struggle for Hindu Existence
PC Struggle for Hindu Existence

The concept of secularism in India is a double-edged sword for Hindu society. While it aims to protect the rights of all religious communities, most of the time it comes at the cost of downplaying the unique identity of Hindus. For example, the HRCE Act allows state control of Hindu temples while leaving Mosques and Churches free from interference.

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Liberals and ‘sickularists’ firmly push the idea of tolerance from Hindus. However, they sit in silence when the rights of Hindus are violated. Even if they raise concerns related to Hindus, they divide it as per caste. They prefer to demonize certain sections of Hindu society and look down upon the traditional mindset of Sanatana Dharma. While it is important to find a way to strike a balance between preserving our traditions and embracing the spirit of coexistence, the onus of this is always placed upon Hindus. This is a prime example of the challenges confronting Hindu society in Modern Bharat.

Until Secularism protects the rights of Hindus to practice their faith freely, it shall continue to be rejected by Indian society at large. The rich and diverse history of Sanatana concepts and Vedic values should be accepted and promoted in India by all sections of society. Until all Indians connect to the religion of this land that has lasted for millennia; the Indian society shall continue to threaten the identity of Hindus.

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Land Jihad, Love Jihad, and Others Controversy

Wikipedia dismisses Love Jihad as a conspiracy theory by Hindus
PC OpIndia

The rising incidents of religious conversion through ‘Love Jihad‘ poses as one of the significant challenges confronting Hindu society. The constant effort to out-breed Hindus in India through conversion scams using social media and the 4-nikah strategy is running in full force in India. Forced conversions and deceptive tactics erode the very fabric of our faith and disrupt communal harmony. The appeasement politics play into the agenda of the ‘peacefuls’.

All actions of the BJP government related to the protection of Hindus have met with severe pushback. The mere mention of UCC has had the ‘peacefuls’ in an uproar across all regions of India.

In 2019, the Indian government passed the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). The Liberals projected this Act as a discriminatory law. It sparked widespread protests across India sponsored by the ‘toolkit’ gang. It remains a contentious law in the country. In 2023, there have been several high-profile cases of religious violence in India, including the murder of a Hindu tailor named Kanhaiya Lal in Udaipur, the abduction of minor Hindu girls in Uttarakhand, the murder of Hindus during Panchayat Polls of West Bengal, and the immolation of entire families of Hindus in Rajasthan. These incidents have raised concerns about the safety of Hindus in a region where they are in majority.

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The Waqf Board Act has resulted in a silent takeover of Hindu properties. The Hindus are left stranded as renters of the land to which they held legal deeds. Sometimes entire villages, temple properties, and mountains have been claimed by ‘peacefuls’. The forgery of documents and complacency of ‘sickular’ political parties have reduced Hindus to the state of beggars in the land of their forefathers.

Education and Cultural Heritage

Indian Concept Of Education - FuGenTimes
PC FuGen Times

The mainstream education system often neglects the rich cultural heritage and philosophies of Sanatana Dharma. As Hindu children grow up in a globalized world, preserving and passing down our cultural knowledge is a pressing challenge. In 2020, the BJP government introduced the New Education Policy. It also prescribed a new curriculum that would focus on Hindu culture and values. The revised syllabus would introduce forgotten legends of India. However, some people criticize this move as a form of Hindutva propaganda.

The Madrassa continue to teach Islamic theology and promote their ‘peaceful’ agenda. The Christians continue their missionary work through convent schools and Sunday religious classes. Mass conversion of Hindus is never recognized via any of the so-called stakeholders in Indian society.


The challenges confronting Hindu society in India are complex but not insurmountable. Sanatana Dharma followers must strike a fine balance between tradition and modernity. They must embrace a more exclusive understanding of Hinduism, promote cultural awareness, and address the various complex challenges of Indian society. They must ensure that Hindu society thrives by connecting with the diverse tapestry of Vedic literature. The united Hindu is a force to reckon with in the mind of ‘liberals’. Thus, Sanatanis must put collective efforts and unwavering devotion into our faith to navigate these challenges. The preservation of the essence of Sanatana Dharma for generations to come depends on the generation of today.

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