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The Tragic Tale Of Shani Louk

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The tragic tale of Shani Louk is horrifying enough to make a sane person condemn the barbarity of Hamas jihadists

Shani Louk, the 23 year old lively and vivacious German-Israeli woman tattoo artist is no more.

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She was perhaps the most unfortunate of more than eight billion people on the planet. She had her entire life in front of her.

However, her decision to go to the Supernova musical festival in Southern Israel proved to be a fatal decision.

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She became the victim of terrorism, no not only terrorism, but Islamic terrorism. She was among the countless women and men who were kidnapped by the barbaric Hamas terrorists.

She was there only to enjoy herself, to explore the positive aspects of life.

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Abducted & Raped

The suprise Hamas terror attack took place on October 7, claiming over 1400 lives.

Among the Israeli and foreign citizens the Hamas terror group took hostage, Shani Louk was one of them.

She, however, felt victim to the barbaric concupiscence of the Hamas terrorists.

Louk was kidnapped, brutally beaten up, raped in a manner that brings back the memories of the gruesome 2012 Delhi Nirbhaya Rape case.

Not only that, her half naked body was paraded throughout the Hamas ruled territories of Gaza in a show of heavily toxic ‘masculinity’.

The Hamas jihadists wanted to demonstrate that they had done some truly ‘manly’ work.

This was the last known picture of Shani Louk.

Hamas Beheaded Her

Reports have emerged on social media and leading news outlets and media networks confirming the worst fears of Shani’s mother.

She is dead.

But Hamas terrorists not only killed her, but they executed her by beheading.

Israeli President Yitzchak Herzog on Monday revealed that the young German-Israeli tattoo artist, Shani Nicole Louk, who was kidnapped by Hamas and her body was paraded through the streets of Gaza, was found dead after ‘sadistic’ terrorists “chopped off her head”.

The tragic tale of Shani Louk should make every person belonging to polytheistic faiths realize the barbarity and disgusting teachings ingrained in the ‘you-know-religion’.

Non-Muslims must not expect any decent treatment at the hands of the ‘you-know-who’ community as well.


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