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Tragic Tale of Two Women Reveals The Brutality Of Hamas

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The tragic tale of two women reveals the brutality of Hamas Islamist terror group, these women were violated and subject to inhuman torture

Hamas, the Islamist terror organization has orchestrated the most devastating attack on Israeli soil since the Holocaust.

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Over 1,300 innocent Israelis and a number of other foreigners have died in this war.

Even as the casualties continue to rise as each day passes, Islamist terrorism still looms large.

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Amidst all the suffering and devastation, women and children have bore the brunt of the dastardly terror attack. One of the main targets of the attack was an Israeli musical concert.

The Supernova musical concert was held in the southern part of Israel.

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This article delves into the tragic tale of two women who have been violated.

Noa Argamani- A Peace Activist

Noa Argamani, a university student & peace activist was attending the Supernova music festival in the south of Israel when the Palestinian militants began their attack.

In the attack she was abducted by Hamas terrorists.  Disturbing videos have surfaced on social media regarding the incident.

These videos show Noa pleading with her kidnappers to not kill her even as the terrorists forcibly take her on a bike.

Her partner is seen being manhandled by the terrorists.

Shani Louk

A far more disturbing account is that of Shani Louk, a German national who is a tattoo artist.

She too was in Israel attending the musical concert. She was kidnapped, brutally raped and was paraded naked by Hamas terrorists.

While she was assumed dead, recent reports have surfaced where the mother of Shani Louk, Ricarda Louk claims that she was alive but was suffering from a head injury and is in critical condition.

Women-The Main Victims of War

Historically women have bore the brunt of war as they become objects of voyeuristic gratification by the enemy.

The Second World War saw thousands of German women being raped by Soviet soldiers, the exact estimate is two million.

The abduction, raping and killing of innocent women by Hamas terrorists clearly shows the despicable face of the religion they belong to and profess.

Tragic tale of two women reveals the brutality of Hamas and must serve as a reminder to the world as to which religion and religious community is the real enemy.

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