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Love Jihad-The New Social Menace

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Love jihad-the new social menace, understand what it is, how it operates and what can its futuristic pernicious impact

A country like India which is the most populous country in the world is boun to face a multitude of social issues.

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To manage them deftly is the hallmark of a great country.

But there are certain social issues that cannot be dealt with peacefully.

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One such social issue, rather a menace is love jihad.

Just Karl Marx had in written in the opening of chapter of The Communist Manifesto (1848) that a spectre haunts Europe, similarly a spectre is haunting India, the spectre of love jihad.

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Let’s be very honest, the problem of love jihad is ubiquitous, but the aware masses refuse to talk about this, but talking about it is necessary.

Love Jihad-The Idea

Jihad is one of the foundational concepts of Islam.

It is a means to spread the Islamic faith by the use of the sword. Robert Spencer in A History of Jihad-From Muhammed to ISIS traces the history of offensive jihad.

However, with the passage of time, the nature and content of jihad will change.

That is true in every society where Islam exists.

In India, jihad has acquired, at least in the Modi years a rather surreptitious form-jihad via love.

Love jihad means Muslim men entrap Hindu or women of other Indic faiths to love them, marry them and later convert to Islam.

The converted women then are taken to Muslim countries, particularly in West Asia to join the ranks of terror organizations like ISIS or Al-Qaeda.

The film The Kerala Story brilliantly portrays this.

Or if that is not the case, then to bolster the population of the Muslim community in that ‘secular’ society and Islamize it in the long run. This is also known as demographic alteration via jihad.

The case of Hadiya of Kerala is a quintessential example.

Situation in India

You might wonder what is the situation in India as far as love jihad is concerned.

To be very honest, it is quite difficult to give hard statistics regarding such love jihad cases, but mind you it is happening.

So much so that the Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh governments have had to bring in laws to prevent inter-faith marriage if there is any foul play involved (when the spouse is a Muslim).

Let’s be very clear that the rest of India is also not immune to this spectre.


If Sanatanis do not prohibit or resist this phenomenon, then Indic society as we know may no longer survive.

It will only a matter of time before India is Islamized.

That is why Sanatanis must rise, be vigilant and invoke the spirit of resistance against love jihad.

Hence Love Jihad-the new social menace.

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