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Big Terror Crackdown In The National Capital

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Big terror crackdown in the national capital-the NIA has busted a terror module which was about to carry out attacks in Northern Bharat

In a big terror crackdown the NIA has busted a terror module in Northern Bharat.

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The module was planning to carry out terror attacks in important areas across Northern Bharat.

The module was active in Delhi and it is after dozens of raids the NIA managed to nab the suspects.

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Nature of the Module

Three men were arrested by the Delhi Police Special Cell for allegedly being operatives of a Pakistan-ISI-sponsored module.

According to police, the module was at an “advanced stage of planning terror strikes in India”.

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They were planning to use specially designed Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) that were tested in forest areas over months.

The police also said that the module was disguised as a network linked to terror group Islamic State (IS). However, members of the group were involved in IS-related activities.

Who were Involved?

They were identified as Shahnawaz Alam, 31, who was arrested from Jaitpur; and Mohammad Arshad Warsi, 29 and Mohammad Rizwan Ashraf, 28, who were arrested from Lucknow and Moradabad respectively, in Uttar Pradesh.

They were allegedly a part of an ISIS module being promoted by ISI.

Education is Insignificant

The busting of this module has brought to the fore the incompatibility between education and the loyalties of a certain community to Bharat.

One of them is a Physics teacher, another a civil Engineer with other major qualifications.

Education is said to enlighten the minds of individuals, but in their case the reverse happened, they became more radicalised.

Bharat is in Safe Hands

The alert and timely crackdown by the NIA shows that under PM Modi’s leadership, Bharat is in safe and secure hands.

Unlike the Congress governments of yesteryears where terror attacks became a daily spectacle, this Bharat is different.

The big terror crackdown in the national capital may lead to unearthing of more such nefarious plots in the future.



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