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Educated Terrorist Nabbed by NIA

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In a daring operation, the NIA have arrested Dr Adnan Ali Sarkar.

The accused doctor, an anaesthesiologist is a renowned medical expert.

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The NIA arrested him after raiding his Kondhwa residence in Pune.

The arrest made is in connection with a case registered by the anti-terror agency on 28th June.

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The educated terrorist nabbed by NIA is a major breakthrough.

Five others have been arrested in connection with the case-Tabish Nasser Siddiqui from Mumbai, Zubair Noor Mohammed Shaikh alias Abu Nusaiba from Pune, and Sharjeel Shaikh and Zulfikar Ali Barodawala from Thane.

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Dr Adnan Ali Sarkar has over 16 years of experience and is an MD degree holding doctor.

He knows English, Hindi, Marathi and German languages.

The NIA had issued a statement on July 3 asserting that it dismantled an ISIS module in Maharashtra.

In the process it detained four persons for encouraging terrorist activities in an intelligence-led operation.

The NIA in a release said that it had found several incriminating material from the house of the doctor.

It includes materials such as inflammatory literature and electronic gadgets.

The accused intended to spread the ideology of the dreaded foreign terror organization ISIS or Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.

The agency said, “Sarkar was trying to disturb the unity, integrity, security and sovereignty of the country, and wage a war against the Government of India as part of the ISIS conspiracy through the organisation’s ‘Maharashtra ISIS module’,” it said.

History of ISIS

Also known as ISIL or Islamic State of Iraq and Levant, the ISIS was founded by Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi back in 2007.

It morphed out of the Al-Qaeda in Iraq following the neutralisation of the Jordanian based terrorist Abu Musa Al Zarqawi.

He was killed in an American Airstrike.

The ISIS carved out an extensive caliphate in Iraq and Syria in 2014.

It, however, crumbled by 2019 thanks to collective American, Russian and Syrian and Iraqi efforts.

Worrying sign

The  educated terrorist nabbed  by NIA is a worrying sign.

It demonstrates the potential of even educated individuals to be radicalised.



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