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Badaun Children’s Murderer Gets A Hero’s Farewell by The Peacefuls!

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In the heart of Uttar Pradesh’s Badaun district, a chilling crime rocked the nation to its core. Two innocent Hindu children, fell victim to an unimaginable act of savagery on the evening of March 19.

Sajid and Javed mercilessly ended their lives, leaving behind a trail of horror and disbelief.

A Hero’s Farewell in Badaun

What followed defied comprehension. Despite the brutality of the crime, Sajid, the prime accused, was not met with the condemnation one might expect.

Instead, thousands from the Muslim community in the hamlet chose to honor him with what they termed a ‘hero farewell’.

The scenes of his funeral procession, thronged by supporters, circulated widely, igniting fury and indignation across social media platforms.

Outrage and Disbelief: Social Media’s Response

Netizens erupted in outrage as images and videos of the funeral procession flooded the internet. Dr. Anand Ranganathan’s scathing condemnation of the callousness displayed by mourners reverberated across cyberspace.

Sajid slit the throats of eleven year-old Ayush and six year-old Ahaan and then reportedly drank their blood. In the holy month of Ramzan. This is the scene from his funeral. | X: @ARanganathan72

The juxtaposition of grieving for the accused alongside the brutal slaying of innocent children sparked a debate that transcended boundaries of religion and ideology.

Comparisons to Past Incidents

As the nation grappled with the implications of the Badaun tragedy, echoes of past controversies resurfaced. The mention of Yakub Memon, hailed by some as a martyr despite his involvement in the 1993 Mumbai bomb blasts, drew striking parallels. The dichotomy of mourning, wherein perpetrators are elevated to the status of heroes. It underscores the complexities of communal narratives in contemporary India.

Ambiguity and Denial

Amidst the cacophony of outrage and disbelief, voices of ambiguity emerged from the very community to which the accused belonged. Some expressed skepticism regarding Sajid’s culpability, while others deferred judgment to a higher power!

A Call to Unity

As the nation grappled with the aftermath of the Badaun tragedy, a sobering realization dawned. In the face of unspeakable horror, unity, empathy, and a commitment to justice must prevail. The tragedy served as a stark reminder to boycott the community that perpetrates the violence!

The parents of the dead mourn the loss of innocent lives lost. What do you think the Hindu society needs to do next?

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