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UN Promoting Divisions By Faith

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The world has become very progressive today. There are rules and regulations for almost everything that the sky covers. Well, everything except the protection of Hindus. The recent altercation is by the United Nations. Apparently, the rules for hate speech only apply to Abrahamic religions. Hindus do not qualify for protection against hate speech.

A very valid question arises: Why the double standards on religiophobia? The organisation is not a local one either, it is the United Nations that is in question here.

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India’s Stance

Indian representative to the UN, T.N. Tirumurti, expressed that religiophobia cannot and should not be a selective exercise. It should be equally applied to non-Abrahamic religions as well. Majority of religious matters only take the Abrahamic religions in the picture, whereas the non-Abrahamic and more importantly Sanatana Dharma is kept out of the picture. The best way to combat bigotry and hatred is to embrace democratic ideals, where checks and balances are in place and any deviation is dealt with within the constraints of the rule of law.

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Abrahamic religions include the religions that worship the God of Abraham, and it includes Judaism, Christianity and Islam and few other smaller religions.

All other religions in the world are non-Abrahamic religions, which include the ancient religions like Hinduism and Buddhism.

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Why The Religiophobia?!

The phobias against three Abrahamic religions – Islam, Christianity and Judaism was recognised by the Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy. However, the emergence of religiophobia against Hindus, Buddhists and Sikhs is not recognised, at the global forum.

It is not expected from the world platform to be so selective when it comes to the protection of a religion from hatred. Christianophobia and Islamophobia exist according to the United Nations. A more serious and deadly, Hinduphobia also exists but is ignored very conveniently.

Recently, the Seattle Caste Bill is another example of the explicit Hinduphobia on display.

The Way Ahead

India cannot afford to maintain a neutral or silent approach. The division of United Nations on religious lines is detrimental to India. The environmental is ripe for radical elementals to work against Hindus and India given the global setting, specially with the Liberal Cabal managing the media and the narrative. A lot of hatred is spewed against the non-Abrahamic religions and it up to the Right alignments around the world to stop this hate campaign. India needs to take up its stance very prominently otherwise the consequences of such an event with be self harming! The division of United Nations on religious lines must be stopped and this religiophobia against the Hindus needs to be curtailed!

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