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JewishCurrents’ Report encourages Hinduphobia to Counter the Global Rise of PM Modi’s India

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A US-based publication recently propagated Hinduphobia by casting it as a myth. An editor who claims to be a journalist, organizer, and scholar wrote an anti-Hindu report for the JewishCurrents. She claims to work for creating an anti-colonial, anti-capitalist future. However, her misrepresented information displayed Hinduphobia as a victim card for Indians. The report showcased India as a draconian state where democracy is dying. Additionally, the report presents PM Modi, BJP, RSS, and all US Hindu organizations as right-wing fascists. Moreover, she portrays that human rights are being deplorably trampled upon by the nationalist government in actions comparable to Nazis.

The JewishCurrents’ Hinduphobic Report

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The author said the recent acts of bulldozing houses of lawbreakers was a bullying strategy by the Hindutva organizations. Her lack of information about ‘bulldozer action’ is evident in the report itself. She is unaware that the alleged ‘bulldozer action’ was not just for Islamic households. All people who broke the law to encroach on government land met the same end. An extensive study of the related media report should have shown the error of her assumption.

Her report misrepresents CAA as a biased and Islamophobic law. However, she fails to understand that CAA was a law that was to protect Hindus of the Indian Subcontinent from persecution by the Muslim-majority nations of the region. The CAA law does not benefit all Hindu refugees, it is only related to those who took refuge in India before 2014. The CAA is meant to protect non-Muslims, not just Hindus from oppression in nations like Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh.

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Moreover, her poor understanding of NRC and the issues it addresses show India in a bad light. She fails to realize that NRC is the only recourse for India to stop illegal immigrants from enjoying government schemes and benefits in the place of legal Indian citizens. The porous borders of India near Bangladesh and Myanmar allow easy infiltration by illegal immigrants, illegal arms and ammunition transport, and transport of contraband drugs.

The residents of the subcontinent are very similar in looks, language, and culture. Thus, if NRC is not implemented the immigrants would easily intermingle in Indian states.  

Thereafter, she presents Hindu nationalism as Hindutva propaganda in India and abroad. Her report states that Hindus of the USA conveniently pull out Hinduphobia in response to any activity that does not benefit them. She claims that all Hindu organizations in the USA have RSS links and enjoy the safety of the US government. Consequently, she has become a champion for the ‘Teaneck Resolution’. This resolution was founded in an anti-Hindu stance. Last but not the least, she calls Babri Masjid Judgment as clear case of strongarm tactics of Hindutva elements in the system.

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The real cause of giving such a baseless article a platform is to showcase India as an intolerant nation run by a fascist government. The rise of India as an economic power is digestible to a certain ‘toolkit’ lobby. The rise of nationalism in India has culminated in the re-election of the BJP in 2019. The strong political policies that place India’s progress have made it difficult for George Soros’ Gang to manipulate India’s resources. 

India is the most populous country that accounts for 1/6th of the world’s population. However, the nation houses this large population on 1/16th of the world’s land mass. Surprisingly, this so-called third-world nation is expected to contribute 16% to the GDP of the world. The rich resources and abundant manpower has helped to make India a global force. The ‘toolkit’ media has been desperately trying to tarnish PM Modi’s image, diminish his accomplishments, detract public attention from India’s progress, and sow discord within the nation.

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Therefore, they present India as a ticking time bomb where democracy is on the brink of collapse. They portray the people of India as a group of ignorant fools who vote for a dictator like PM Modi. The reawakening of the youth of India and the active rejection of Western philosophy and narrative has made the ‘toolkit’ gang panic. Consequently, the world views all Indians as a group of narrow minded, hate mongering group. Meanwhile, Hindus are the target of hate crimes on foreign land as well as the land of their forefathers. 

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