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Europe’s Response to Shifting Islamic Demographics

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In a thought-provoking article published by Spanish writer Sebastian Vilar Rodriguez, a poignant perspective on the aftermath of Auschwitz emerges. Rodriguez suggests that Europe’s post-World War II evolution took a troubling turn. He contended that the continent, once rich with cultural and intellectual diversity, faced a transformation with the influx of 20 million Muslims over four decades.

Rodriguez’s Parallels

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Rodriguez draws a stark parallel between the tragic loss of six million Jews at Auschwitz and the subsequent demographic shift in Europe. He posits that the Jewish victims represented a reservoir of culture, thought, creativity and talent. They were contributors to various fields who might have otherwise changed the world. Rodriguez challenges readers to contemplate the potential contributions of those lost. He emphasizes the significant impact of Jewish individuals on global achievements.

Integration Of Muslims

Muslims in Europe: Muslim population projected to rise
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Rodriguez addresses the integration of Muslim communities in Europe. He asserts that, under the banner of tolerance, Europe welcomed these newcomers. Europe only witnessed the importation of “stupidity and ignorance, religious extremism and lack of tolerance, crime and poverty.”

Rodriguez contends that Europe’s generosity has backfired, leading to societal issues and cultural clashes.

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Islam Above All

The world has seen it time and again that Islamics heed no republic over their religion. They are spreading over faster than ever. What is alarming is how they are taking over the narratives game.

Teaching the Holocaust in the Arab World | The Washington Institute
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In recent times, there has been a contentious debate in the UK regarding the potential exclusion of the Holocaust from the school curriculum. The rationale behind this discussion is reportedly linked to concerns about causing offense to the Muslim population, which, in some instances, denies the historical reality of the Holocaust. While no concrete steps have been taken to remove it from the curriculum, this situation underscores broader apprehensions about global fears and the vulnerability of nations to succumb to such pressures.

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Everything Is A ‘Myth’!

Seventy years have elapsed since the culmination of World War II in Europe. This message serves as a poignant memorial, paying tribute to the six million Jews, twenty million Russians, ten million Christians, and nineteen-hundred Catholic priests who endured unfathomable atrocities. These range from murder, rape, and burning to starvation, beatings, experimentation and humiliation. Today there are voices like Iran disputing the veracity of the Holocaust as a mere ‘myth’! There is an escalating urgency to ensure that the collective memory of this dark chapter remains indelible.

Powerful Photos From the 9/11 Attacks That Americans Will Never Forget
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The narrative questions the potential denial of other historically significant events, such as the World Trade Centre attack. How long will it be before the attacks is deemed a ‘myth’?!

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If elements of the Judeo-Christian heritage are deemed offensive to Muslims, a reconsideration of residence in countries more culturally aligned, such as Iran or Iraq, could be a pragmatic solution. How long will it be before this ideology starts cracking the Bharatvarsh as well?! The process has already started. Wake up Hindus!

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