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Social Media Meltdown and Screams – Post PM Modi Banswara Speech 

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PM Modi stirred the hornet’s nest with his roar in Banswara, Rajasthan. The recent speech acted as a catalyst that sparked a wildfire of reactions across social media platforms. To uncover what PM Modi said or implied in his speech read the article in the link below:

What Did PM Narendra Modi Leave Unsaid In Banswara?!

For 60 yrs, Cong could not find a tribal to become Prez of India: PM Modi | Lok Sabha Elections News - Business Standard
PC Business Standard

However, one thing is clear, PM Modi’s words echoed through the swirls of the digital realm. From Bharat’s Zoo-wala-Bear to Flop-Actress-Swara, everyone went into meltdown mode!!! A storm of commentary, criticism, and conjecture filled X and other social media platforms. Their cacophony of voices makes one sentiment stand out – the Banswara speech touched a raw nerve in the Left-Wing Extremist corner. Let’s look at the social media spectacle that rocking X today!!

Mohammed Zubair’s Misinformation Melodrama on PM Modi and his words

Mohammed Zubair’s meltdown was the worst. He stayed up all night to tweet and retweet # HateSpeech-related content. However, his criticism has holes larger than Gateway of India. First, he said that PM Modi is using fear-mongering tactics. Nope Zoo-wala-Bear, he is just taking off the centrist gloves he is forced to wear as PM of the entire nation.

Then he says Modi is peddling Islamophobia and misinformation. However, Zubair got it wrong. It’s okay, he usually does so. The allusions to “Ghuspaithiyas” were not Muslims or not legal ones. It was the Pakistanis, Rohingyas, and Bangladeshis that were allowed to jump the border by certain governments that the word applies to! Every thinking individual knew what PM Modi meant, but only Zubair thought that the word applies to legal citizens. Maybe the long night caught up to him and he began to think of himself and his ‘quam’ as illegal immigrants. Branding the speech as divisive and dangerous, Zoo-wala-Bear forgot to mention that the CON manifesto and the ex-PM speech were both correctly put forth. 

Anti-India Dr. Truschke’s Words On The Modi-Speech

A historian with an agenda, Dr. Audrey Truschke’s critique showed her inability to cope with PM Modi and his loyalists. By labeling Modi’s rhetoric as “straight-up fascism,” she seems to forget that he quoted directly from ex-PM Manmohan Singh’s speech. By coloring Modi’s words in communal colors, she is the prime example to highlight – India Is Not For Beginners!!!

Begum Arfa Khanum Sherwani’s Plight Post Banswara

Madam Arfa Khanum likened Modi’s speech to a declaration of defeat! On one side her favored politicians shout about unsafe EVMs to hide their impending political defeat. While on the other side, Begum Afra presents that the Banswara speech was acceptance of defeat by PM Modi. She implies that Modi is his communal best by quoting a direct speech from ex-PM Manmohan’s televised speech! She entertained the dreams of a desperate Modi in the eleventh hour of the election fray. However, she seems to forget that Phase 1 just finished… ‘Abhi Khatam Nahi Hua….Heeriye’!

Dhruv Rathee’s Digital Diatribe On PM Modi

Truth twister and so-called opposition‘s biggest weapon Dhruv Rathee also jumped in to claim a spot on the meltdown list. He assesses that PM Modi is recycling ‘communal’ propaganda in a last-ditch effort to win. Rathee derided Modi’s speech as a testament to his dwindling credibility and increasing desperation. However, this social media influencer forgets that his version of truth is unpalatable to the common Hindu. Why would decoding a flawed CON party manifesto hurt Rathee so much?? After all the words are present in the CON Manifesto for all to understand!  

Floppie Swara Bhaskar’s Swipe At BJP

Wanna-be-Actress and a flop-social-actress Swara Bhasker went personal on PM Modi. She painted Modi’s economic policies as a farce. Moreover, she suggested that the safety of the Mangalsutra in NDA rule is questionable and Modi’s governance would undoubtedly lead to the auctioning off of citizens’ assets. However, she forgot that she does not wear a mangalsutra! She doesn’t have to worry about it. After all, she is a victim of Love Jihad and will soon realize the grand fraud her life has become.  

Rana Ayyub’s Alarmist Allegations Against PM Modi

‘Toolkit’ journalist Rana Ayyub began her own rant and alarms. She brands Modi’s speech as a direct assault on India’s Muslim community. Why? How can PM Modi’s words be communal when they were spoken by a CON party PM Singh himself? Her condemnation of Modi’s rhetoric is hypocritical at best and posturing at worst. Chanting ‘death of democracy,’ the toolkit journo probably should read the fine line of the CON manifesto before spouting such vitriol.

Saba Naqvi’s Vague Commentary On Modi

‘Peaceful’ journalist Saba Naqvi portrays PM Modi’s speech as “blood-chillingly communal.” But which part? The one where he points out that the ex-PM SIgh says ‘1st right in the nations’ resources is of the Muslim minority community’? Or where he points out that the Socio-Economic survey will divide Bharat’s Hindus to cast and take away from their wealth? Maybe she means the part where Modi points out that Minorities will have first right in the allocation of resources in the CON Manifesto? Who knows! After all the things that made PM Modi communal came directly from the CON party’s camp! 

CPI (M)’s Critique and CM Siddaramaiah’s Censure:

The CPI (M) and Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah echoed sentiments of disdain, condemning Modi’s speech. And why would they not? The Modi in the speech is the Modi that began the saffron wave in Bharat. He is the primal cause of the demise of their political dreams. By calling him a desperate leader who resorts to divisive tactics, the leaders are asked to look deeply into their own wealth distribution agenda and its roots. By stating direct quotes, Modi should be safe from ECI’s action. And the communal agenda is present in black and white in the CON party manifesto. Maybe these leaders should stop their inflammatory rhetoric against Modi and take a good look at their own politics. 

Modi’s Message Amidst the Maelstrom

As social media platforms continued to buzz with reactions to PM Modi’s Banswara speech, one thing remained abundantly clear – Hindus need to stop being passive in the Election process. Keyboard warriors don’t bring the change, votes do! Thus, Modi’s speech is intended to make Bharat’s Sleeping Sanatanis wake up to their reality. Amidst the storm of criticism and controversy, Modi’s message is to rally his supporters and fight the evils that detest Bharat’s rise to global supremacy. Go out and vote wisely, Bharat – your future depends on it! 

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