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‘Fevikwik Ka Jawab Bulldozer Se’ – Madhya Pradesh Government Delivers Swift Justice in Guna Horror Case!

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In the heart of Guna, Madhya Pradesh, a horrific incident was uncovered that sent chills down the spine of thinking human beings. The ‘peacefuls’ were seen at their ‘peaceful’ best during Ramzan this year. With murder, rape, and riots rocking Bharat; it seemed that nothing could faze the public anymore.

However, the Guna Horror case of a 23-year-old Hindu woman showed us the darkest side of the ‘peaceful’ community. The victim, whose name remains veiled by the shadows of brutality, endured unspeakable torment at the hands of a 24-year-old ‘peaceful’ named Ayan Pathan. The harrowing details of her ordeal paint a picture of the agony and injustice that the woman suffered for a month. Thankfully the BJP government in Madhya Pradesh has begun to turn the wheels of justice for the Hindu woman. Let’s unpack this ‘peaceful’ atrocity on Sanatanis!

Guna, Madhya Pradesh – A Chronicle of Cruelty

Bulldozer Reaches House Of Madhya Pradesh Man Who Thrashed Woman, Put  Fevikwik In Mouth

The victim, ensnared in Love Jihad by her would-be attacker, found herself trapped in a nightmare of abuse and coercion. It began as a Rebel Love Story. The woman’s mother was against the relationship, but the ‘Mera Abdul ….’ HIndu girl was defiant. She began a live-in relationship with ‘Peaceful’ Pathan. However, things would go south really fast! 

Madhya Pradesh’s Ayan Pathan wanted more than just ‘love’ from her. His insatiable greed drove him to demand ownership of her house. When met with defiance from the young Hindu woman, he unleashed a torrent of violence upon her along with his kin. However, their meaningless brutality was useless. The property he demanded was not in her name but in her mother’s name!

The Love Jihad victim was subjected to unimaginable torment during the whole month of Ramzan by the fasting ‘peaceful’!

Madhya Pradesh: Guna victim of Ayan Pathan loses sight in an eye
PC OpIndia

Here is her tale of horror:- 

The Agony of Chillies: A Wound That Won’t Heal

‘Peaceful’ Pathan’s cruelty knew no bounds. To torture his once-lover, he callously threw chilies into the eyes of his victim. This inhumane act left her blinded in one eye. The pain she endured was not merely physical. The soul-deep anguish came from the fact of betrayal from a loved one! Some reports state that he stuffed the chili powder into her private areas as well to punish her! Now, with one eye lost to darkness and the other clinging to a flicker of vision, she faces an uncertain future fraught with hardship and despair.

The Ferocity of Fevikwik: A Seal of Horror

When any girl thinks ‘Mera Abdul…’ they should know what happened to this victim of love Jihad! As per the police, a week before his arrest “peaceful” Pathan unleashed a fresh spurt of horrors on the girl. He was beating her and sexually exploiting her at the same time. Her cries of agony bothered him so he sealed her mouth by pouring Fevikwik into it! At the hospital, the recovered girl suffers scars from this heinous act of oppression during the month of Ramzan by a peaceful man who professed to love her!  

A Cry for Justice: The Voice of a Broken Soul

The girl escaped somehow and found her way to security. The hospital staff are horrified at her condition. The police have swiftly arrested the accused. As she lies in a hospital bed, her body is ravaged and her spirit is battered. Her near-silent voice begs for justice. Her mother demands accountability and begs the Madhya Pradesh government to avenge every wound inflicted upon her beloved daughter.

The mother begs for the harshest punishment for the perpetrator, a fitting retribution for his heinous crimes.

Maybe the nay-sayers should take a good look at the blurred pictures of the victim to uncover the horrors that she lived through! Is this the peace that ‘sickulars’ promise Sanatanis at every turn? Will you still say that Love Jihad is a figment of an active mind’s imagination?

The Wheels of Justice Turn in Madhya Pradesh

जख्मों पर छिड़की मिर्च होठ फेविक्विक से चिपकाए प्रेमिका को दी इतनी खौफनाक  सजा कांप जाएगी रूह - Guna love jihad case ayan pathan house demolished  madhya pradesh police bulldozer ...
PC News24 Hindi

In the wake of this tragedy, the wheels of justice have begun to turn in Madhya Pradesh. CM Mohan Yadav and his administration served swift justice in response to the mother’s cry for help! While the courts do their job, the state government has made an example of this ‘peaceful’ horror in Guna. ‘Peaceful’ Aryan Pathan had an illegal encroachment on his residence. A notice was sent to remove encroachments on his residence. But why punish his family you ask? Because they knew he was living with a Hindu girl and when they stopped seeing her they did not raise alarms or even question him. Some reports confirm that they knew he was torturing her but they felt helpless. It seems some of the kin were in on this rabid ‘peaceful’ behavior! 

Since the family did not comply with the notice, the Yogi Ka Bulldozer was borrowed by CM Mohan in Madhya Pradesh.

The illegal construction was razed to the ground. This structure which was symbolic of his ill-gotten gains and exploitation of the law was taken down. As the sun sets on another day in Guna, the echoes of this woman’s suffering are answered by the Bulldozers’ engine. The act is a glimmer of hope – the hope of justice served, the hope of condemnation of violence, and the hope of recognition of Love Jihad! As Bharat stands with this tortured Hindu girl, let there never again be a naive Sanatani woman who follows the drum beats of secularism into the den of ‘peaceful’ wolves! 

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