Sunday, July 21, 2024
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Madhya Pradesh

Cow’s Severed Head Found in Temple Sparks Ratlam Rampage

A wave of unrest and communal tensions gripped the town of Jaora in Madhya Pradesh's Ratlam district on Friday. The triggering incident was the...

‘Jitni Biwi Utna Haq’ – Did the MP Congress Candidate Mean It?!

Congress candidate from Madhya Pradesh's Ratlam made an eyebrow-raising pledge. Kantilal Bhuria, in a public rally, made headlines by proposing a rather unconventional incentive...

Madhya Pradesh – “Mera Abdul” Mentality Claims Another Love Jihad Victim

Another Hindu life from Madhya Pradesh is lost to the 'peaceful' agenda - Love Jihad. A small town nestled within the heart of Dhar...

‘Fevikwik Ka Jawab Bulldozer Se’ – Madhya Pradesh Government Delivers Swift Justice in Guna Horror Case!

In the heart of Guna, Madhya Pradesh, a horrific incident was uncovered that sent chills down the spine of thinking human beings. The 'peacefuls'...

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