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Shakti Swaroopa Rekha Patra: Sandeshkhali Gets Its Beacon Of Hope

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Nari Shakti embodiment Rekha Patra, BJP’s candidate from Sandeshkhali, stands tall and proud! Amidst the shadows of oppression and tyranny, she is a beacon of hope for the women who stood up against TMC’s Sheikh Shahjahan! Aptly named Shakti Swaroopa by PM Modi, Rekha Patra gets a fitting recognition for her unwavering determination to fight against the TMC reign of terror. Let’s discuss how Nari Shakti may be set to rise again in West Bengal!

Rekha Patra: A Voice Against TMC Tyranny

BJP की लिस्ट में संदेशखाली की पीड़िता का नाम, रेखा पात्रा को बशीरहाट से  बनाया उम्मीदवार - rekha patra bjp candidate from basirhat lok sabha seat  west bengal
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The Sandeshkhali horrors still send chills down the spine of Bharat. The ruling TMC let its goons subject the women of Sandehskhali to unimaginable atrocities. Moreover, Sheikh Shahjahan, under the protection of Mamata Banerjee, did not fear any legal or moral repercussions for their acts. However, in this era of TMC’s darkness in Bengal, Rekha Patra emerged as one of the first to become a voice for the voiceless!

Rekha Patra led protests and advocated for justice for the victims of Sandeshkhali.

Some reports claim that she is a survivor of the sexual violence that was perpetuated in the name of power by TMC’s Sheikh Shahjahan! As the BJP candidate from Basirhat for the 2024 general elections, she is more than a political opponent of TMC. She is a rallying cry for justice in West Bengal.

PM Modi Calls Rekha Patra “Shakti Swaroopa”

PM Modi dials Sandeshkhali survivor and Basirhat BJP candidate Rekha Patra;  conversation goes viral - The Economic Times Video | ET Now
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The heinous crimes against the women of Sandeshkhali show the utter degradation of the females in the state. The land of Shakti witnessed oppression and injury to Nari’s dignity.

The land of Ma Durga saw ‘Nari’ turn into ‘Aurat’ – the Arabic equivalent to imperfection, blemish, weakness, or female genitalia!

Therefore, when PM Modi spoke with Rekha Patra, he called her Shakti Swaroopa. Implying that her courage shows the rise of women against TMC’s oppression. Despite facing threats and intimidation, Rekha Patra was steadfast in her quest for justice for the victims of Sandeshkhali. Thus, her nomination as a BJP candidate hurts TMC’s Lok Sabha ambitions. 

Suppression Dissent – Rekha Patra Hints At TMC’s Dirty Politics

Rekha Patra is a wave of hope among the locals of Sandeshkhali. Her status as a BJP candidate fills them with the courage to resist TMC’s tyranny and oppression. However, despite their desire to overthrow the heartless TMC, their hints indicate a sordid reality of West Bengal. 

During her conversation with PM Modi, Rekha Patra highlighted the urgent need for free and fair elections.

She emphasized that the situation in Sandeshkhali could have been different if women were allowed to vote freely. This statement hints at a possible coercion that locals face during any elections.

Consequently, they point to a disturbing truth of TMC’s repeated wins in the state. The poll violence during the Panchayat elections was proof that such a statement is not false. Many viral videos of TMC leaders show that CM Mamata uses the public distribution system as a leash on voters. The leaders promise death, violence, or destitution to anyone who dares to step out to vote against TMC.  

Will Shakti Swaroopa Save West Bengal? 

As Rekha Patra continues her fight for justice, the Sandeshkhali case’s progress is slow. As Bharat stood in solidarity with the victims of Sandeshkhali, true change can only occur when the rotted roots of TMC rule are removed. The systematic violence and suppression orchestrated by the TMC should go unchallenged. Rekha Patra’s BJP candidacy is a step towards holding the guilty accountable for their crimes against women. However, the cards are stacked against ‘Shakti Swaroopa’ in the state.

The near stranglehold that TMC has over police, courts, panchayats, and public servants makes it impossible for the people to choose between justice and survival.

Thus, by anointing Rekha Patra with an epitome of Shakti Swaroopa, PM Modi is asking the people of Bengal to unite behind her. Only by the collective power of the public will the women of Sandeshkhali get justice. Only by uniting behind Rekha Patra will they have a chance at normalcy. Therefore, let Bengal rally behind her as she leads the charge for a brighter future for all in Sandeshkhali and beyond!

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