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Sandeshkhali Mass Rape: West Bengal Shamed By Mamata Banerjee And Her Goons  

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Mamata Banerjee is the bane of West Bengal, specifically Bengali Hindus! The TMC’s shameful conduct and the ‘death of democracy’ in Bengal prove this statement accurate time and again. However, the recent revelations from Sandeshkhali have sent shockwaves across West Bengal and Bharat. Almost as if Sandeshkhali has once again became the never-ending hell of Noakhali for Hindu Bengali women!

Shahjahan Sheikh: Meet TMC's 'Bhai' – 'mastermind' behind attack on ED officials | Latest News India - Hindustan Times
PC Hindustan Times : Sheikh Shahjahan

Sandeshkhali women gathered their strength to show the world the true face of TMC and Sheikh Shahjahan in a media interview. They revealed a grave humanitarian crisis at hand. The tale of degradation of women’s honor in any district should have made any sane woman CM run to their aid. However, CM Mamata and her goons imposed Section 144 in the North 24 Parganas to continue their reign of terror and lies. Let’s discuss the shameful depths that Mamata Banerjee and her administration have sunk to in West Bengal!

Sheikh Shahjahan And His Savagery in Sandeshkhali 

Similar in their distress to the Noakhali atrocities of the past against Hindu women, female residents of Sandeshkhali begged for help via Bengali news media. Why did they go to the media and not the police? Because the ones degrading their honor were the TMC men in power, namely Sheikh Shahjahan and his henchmen. This pet lapdog of Mamata Banerjee is a wanted man by ED. Many believe Mamata is shielding him behind her ‘anchal’! The women, most of whom belong to the SC and ST caste, had to protest on the streets to beg for justice! 

Smriti Irani Slams Mamata Banerjee on Sandeshkhali: "Cannot Be Spectators" - YouTube
PC YouTube @NDTV

The lack of main stream media coverage dealyed any hope of justice for these women. However, Union Minister Smriti Irani soon noticed the silence on their ordeal came to their rescue. She translated the Bengali statements given by these petrified, abused women to shine a spotlight on the state of women under Mamata ‘Di’!

The translated statements reflect the deep horror married Hindu women faced every day in Sandeshkhali.

Sheikh Shahjahan and his men would look for beautiful, young, and married Hindu women in the district. Thereafter, they would take her away by force or coercion from her home to violate her modesty till their ‘hawas’ was satisfied. If the husband wanted to protest or lodge a complaint, he was told very clearly that he had no right to her or her body. The husband could not ask why they took his wife, what they used her for, and how long will they keep her! Any decent human being would get goosebumps by just reading this awful lived reality of Sandehkhali women. Imagine how Sheikh Shahjahan and his goons made the lives of the these women a living nightmare!

Here are a list of complaints by the people of Sandeshkhali and North 24 Paragans:
  1. Abuse and degradation of Hindu women by Sheikh Shahjahan and his goons. Mass rape and abuse became the norm for women under TMC rule. 
  2. Demographic change encouraged via the porous Bangladeshi border by Shahjahan and TMC goons. Many villages converted to Muslim dominant areas by allowing illegal residents to occupy land and resources.
  3. Tribal land occupation by Sheikh Shahjahan and his men. Deliberate ‘kabza’ on Hindu regions as a form of Land Jihad!
  4. Extortion for using any public water bodies for fishing. Almost as if Shahjahan is asking for ‘jizya’ from the poor for basic survival under his command! The downtrodden were kept under his boot and the TMC turned a blind eye!     

Mamata Banerjee And Her Tyranny in West Bengal 

When this shameful news of Sandeshkhali became viral, the district administration imposed section 144 in the region. Why? To prevent a law and order problem caused by the protest? Of course not! To ensure that voices of dissent are silenced? Most likely! The police was placed their not to protect the public but to suppress them. Moreover, acting under the directives of CM Mamata Banerjee, the police began to look for Sheikh Shahjahan’s ‘fall guy’ for the complaints agianst him.

PC Indian Express: Arrest of Uttam Sardar

The rampant abuse and exploitation of women perpetrated by TMC leaders is the truth of Mamata’s tyranny in West Bengal. The Bengal police have arrested the Uttam Sardar, the aide of Sheikh Shahjahan, for inciting riots. He was also suspended by the TMC for 6 years! Shahjahan, who is wanted by the ED and other investigating agencies, remains undiscoverable under Mamata Di‘s loving protection. Uttam Sardar is likely the ‘Bali ka Bakra’ that Mamata has offered up as a sacrifice to control the rising public anger against TMC! The other accused Hazra, the right-hand man of Shahjahan, was not suspended or arrested! Shahjahan, the main accused, was also not suspended from the TMC! Typical TMC drama to fool the public. The arrest of Uttam Sardar is a mockery of justice for the abused women!

Mamata has not acknowledged the abuse of women despite the protests raised by the women. She only accpets the area is unstable due to protests!

The West Bengal Commission for Women paid lip service to the complaint by forming a panel of 10 members to investigate the horrors!

Although CM Mamata promises justice for all accused, TMC’s actions speak louder than her words! The suspension and arrest of Uttam Sardar, and not all the accused, shows the nominal effort the TMC plans to put into solving this issue! Why were Hazra and Shahjahan not suspended? It seems that Sheikh Sahahjahan holds significant power in his hands to protect against a double cross by Mamata Banerjee! Hence, he enjoys Mamata Di’s  silence and protection even if he attacks the ED officials or mass rapes his constituents. 

Mamata Banerjee On Sandeshkhali said police is taking action whoever is involved in violence will be arrested talks about Governor CV Anand Bose | Mamata Banerjee On Sandeshkhali:
PC ABPLive : Guess Who Mamata Banerjee Is Targetting? Not Shahjahan but the protestors!!!

The following sum total of truths unmask the reality of West Bengal’s Democracy under TMC:
  1. The BJP MLAs, including Suvendu Adhikari, who protested for these abused women of Sandeshkhali in the Vidhan Sabha face a mass suspension for the session. However, the Le-Li gang will remain silent on this murder of democracy!
  2. The BJP Leader Vikash Singh was arrested, then granted bail by the courts, and then rearrested within court premises to stifle his voice raised in protest against the TMC.
  3. Governor C V Ananda Bose visited Sandeshkhali to assure local women that TMC goons will be held responsible. However, he remains a toothless tiger in Mamata’s West Bengal.
  4. Lenna Gangopadhyay, Chairperson of the West Bengal Commission for Women, hid the lack of action behind the excuse that no complaint was filed before the media interview. Unfortunately, it highlights the failure of systems meant for the protection of women under the TMC and CM Mamata’s rule.
  5. Union Minister Smriti Irani asks Mamata Banerjee to step down from her CM post if she cannot hand over the accused Sheikh Shahjahan. The calls for resignation seem to have hurt Mamata’s ego. It seems that BJP’s West Bengal MPs, MLAs, party workers and their families shall soon pay the price in blood. 

Wake Up Hindus of West Bengal!

The demographic changes encouraged by CM Mamata have led to an environment of fear in West Bengal. All administrative and government initiatives are failing to help secure the region for the legal citizens of Bharat. Hillariously, CM Mamata wants West Bengal to be renamed Bangal! Unfortunately, the demand is very apt; because the state is no longer the Hindu dominant region of erstwhile Bengal Province! It has been systematiclly turned into a lawless area where legal citizens live in fear of illegal Islamic migrant goons. It has become a place where all your nightmares come true. Apathy towards the victims’ plight is the norm in West Bengal.

The once center of art, culture, and sophisticated political power has become a home ground of goons. Wake up West Bengal, the time to change your destiny is near! Choose the right party and not freebies to get out of this mire of murder and mayhem! Please note that a 45% voter turnout will not change your destiny! Understand that the TMC encourages illegals to come forward and claim fake legal citizenship! These illegals will not vote for your betterment! Their sole aim will be to keep the borders open for illgeal immigrants via TMC rule in Bengal! Unsurprisingly, as tensions escalate in the region, Mamata is silencing the protestors with Internet Blackouts and Media Censorship!

Are These Your Representatives West Bengal?! 

What are the other TMC leaders doing to safegaurd the Sandeshkhali women? The TMC representative of the region, Nusrat Jahan, ignores the plight of her gender and is busy posting pictures of roses. Apparently, Valentines Day takes precedence over justice! Additionally Sagarika Ghose, the newly appointed TMC Rajya Sabha Nominee, does not bat an eyelid at the horrors of women under her role model Mamata Di’s governance. Where are you ethics and morals are a woman, Madam Sagarika?? So much for their determination to serve the nation!

Mamata Banerjee’s government stands exposed today! The TMC’s complicity in perpetuating violence and exploitation shatters its facade of progressive governance. Let’s hope that the people of West Bengal and Sandeshkhali throw off this tyrant dictator and her goons soon. Meanwhile, the nation awaits justice and demands an end to Mamata’s reign of terror. We pray for justice for the abused women of Sandeshkahli! May the true jutice be served soon!

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