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Breaking The Burqa Mindset: Saudi Arabia’s Miss Universe Debut

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Saudi Arabia takes the Islamist burqa mindset by the horns!! Under Prince Mohammed bin Salman, Saudi Arabia is set to make a groundbreaking entry into the Miss Universe pageant. This moment is a pivotal move by the Prince and the nation to shatter conservative norms and empower Muslim women. Leading by example, Saudi Arabia names Rumy Alqahtani as the Kingdom’s first-ever contestant in a global beauty pageant. The controversial contest is Saudi’s way of declaring war on Burqa-loving-male-fantasy Islam. Let’s talk about Saudi Arabia’s step that embraces modernity and gender equality!

Prince MBS’s Reign: A Catalyst For Change 

Saudi Arabia to Participate in Miss Universe Event in a Historic First - YouTube
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Under the leadership of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, Saudi Arabia has embarked on a transformative journey. The leading nation of the Islamic world is setting new precedents to help de-radicalize Islam through societal reforms. Prince MBS, as he is commonly known, is spearheading the ambitious “Vision 2030” plan. This plan aims to modernize the Kingdom’s economy and society. Consequently, he breaks strict Islamic percept in his nation every few months.

The most significant aspect of Saudi Arabia’s transformation comes from the gradual granting of rights to women.

From allowing women to drive to opening up opportunities for education and employment, Nari Shakti seems on the rise in Saudi Arabia.

These remarkable strides empower the female population of Saudi and set an example for other Islamic nations to follow. Just a few weeks ago, Prince MBS announced that Saudi women could choose to dress as they please. This statement was a ‘Breaking The Burqa’ moment. It denies the Burqa, a visible sign of women’s oppression, a place in the center of Muslim identity!

From Burqa to Beauty Pageants

Saudi Arabia to participate in Miss Universe event in historic first - India Today
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Saudi Arabia’s decision to debut in the Miss Universe pageant is a big and bold step towards ‘Breaking the Burqa’ mindset! It is a public declaration that challenges preset societal norms in the Ummah. Thus, the Kingdom sends a powerful message by allowing its women to compete in a global beauty pageant.

The various forms of dress and the emphasis on judgment based on body and beauty speak of Saudi’s powerful quest to showcase: Modernity can also Define Muslims!

However, this move also questions why beauty pageants are a battleground to combat Islamic radicalism.

Critics argue that beauty pageants objectify women. Moreover, they perpetuate harmful stereotypes of femininity among the youth. Therefore, Saudi Arabia’s conservative interpretations of Islam may find participation in a beauty contest objectionable on moral grounds. Does the Kingdom need to fight strict dress codes and gender roles by using Miss Universe? Is this not an act in the extremely opposite direction? Will it backfire on Prince MBS and his plans of ‘Vision 2030’?? Maybe! Afterall, even the modern world frowns at Miss Universe’s interpretation of women empowerment.

Battlefield of Burqa Ideologies

Madonna wears traditional Muslim niqab veil because it's been 'that kind of day' | The Independent | The Independent
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However, Saudi Arabia’s participation in the Miss Universe pageant should be viewed as a strategic grand-scale public counter against Islamic radicalism. The beauty pageant participation directly challenges traditional notions of femininity commonly known as the “Burqa Ideologies”. Therefore, this participation indirectly promotes women’s empowerment in Muslim communities at a global stage. Thus, this move by the Kingdom aims to shift the self-perception of Muslims worldwide.

Additionally, it is a blatant call to Islamists to accept progressive norms.

While the pageant itself is a house of controversy, Saudi Arabia’s participation in it underscores a determination to break free from the confines of radical Islam. It seems Prince MBS is dedicated to rejecting the Burqa-loving regressive attitudes toward women originating from the age of belief sans reason!

As Rumy Alqahtani, a 27-year-old influencer, takes the stage as Saudi Arabia’s representative in the Miss Universe pageant, she symbolizes the resilience and determination of Saudi women to defy stereotypes.

She embodies the silent cry of Muslim women who crave to carve out paths of their choice in the Islamic world.

Therefore, Saudi Arabia’s entry into the Miss Universe pageant is not about beauty, glamor, and glory. It is a defiant statement against conservative Burqa Ideologies that rule the male-driven Islamic society. Additionally, it is a symbol of commitment and promise by the Prince MBS and the Kingdom to modernize Islamic practices to fit into the 21st century. As the world watches, Saudi Arabia’s bold ‘Breaking the Burqa’ move hints at upcoming societal transformations born of courage, conviction, and unwavering determination. Let’s hope Prince MBS is able to defang male-fantasy Islam and turn it into a palatable modern version of faith! Hopefully, the Indian subcontinent black-cloitered regressive Islamists will also take due notice of this progressive step!!

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