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Gangster turned Politician, Mukhtar Ansari Dies of Cardiac Arrest!

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The demise of Mukhtar Ansari, a figure who traversed the shadowy realms of gangsterism to the corridors of politics, marks the end of a controversial chapter in Uttar Pradesh’s history. Mukhtar Ansari breathed his last on Thursday, 28th March, succumbing to health complications while incarcerated.

Troubled Health of Mukhtar Ansari 

Ansari’s health had been a subject of concern for authorities as he grappled with abdominal discomfort, prompting his transfer to Banda Medical College Hospital. Despite the diligent efforts of a team of nine doctors attending to him, Ansari’s condition rapidly deteriorated, culminating in a fatal heart attack. The transition from the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) to the Critical Care Unit (CCU) marked the severity of his medical crisis, ultimately leading to his demise during treatment.

Allegations of Foul Play

The circumstances surrounding Ansari’s passing evoke a sense of intrigue and controversy, reminiscent of his tumultuous existence. This was not the first instance of his hospitalization; merely two days prior, he had sought medical attention for similar complaints. Allegations of foul play surfaced, with Ansari’s brother, Afzal Ansari, insinuating that his sibling had fallen victim to poisoning while incarcerated. Such claims, though unsubstantiated, cast a pall of suspicion over the circumstances leading to Ansari’s demise.

Mafia Don to Politician: Mukhtar Ansari

A figure of infamy, Mukhtar Ansari’s journey epitomizes the complex interplay between crime and politics. His transition from a notorious mafia don, synonymous with fear and intimidation in Uttar Pradesh during the 70s and 80s, to a formidable political force reflects the intricacies of power dynamics in the region. Despite facing legal repercussions, with over 60 criminal cases pending against him and several convictions, Ansari wielded significant influence, securing electoral victories even from the confines of prison.

Mukhtar Ansari’s demise signifies the end of an era marked by a blend of notoriety and political prowess. Mukhtar Ansari’s legacy, characterized by a narrative replete with crime, controversy, and political maneuvering, leaves behind a complex tapestry for historians and analysts to dissect.

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