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Modi 3.0 Cabinet: Arfa Khanum Gang Cries ‘No Muslims’

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With the formation of the Modi 3.0 cabinet, Arfa Khanum Sherwani leads the left-liberals and ‘sickular’ Muslims to cry foul. Why? Well, they are decrying the absence of Muslim representation among the newly sworn-in ministers of the NDA. This ‘rona-dhona’ is part of their distress that despite all odds, the BJP secured a strong victory a third time with 240 seats. Thus, the BJP-led NDA forms the government with 303 MPs!

When PM Modi made history by being sworn in a third time as the alliance head, he brought with him 71 other members to form his cabinet and team. This has become the largest source of upset with these Le-Li ‘Sickulars’ led by none other than Madam Arfa Khanum Sherwani. Let’s unpack their unnecessary distress!!!

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Modi 3.0: The Electoral Backdrop

During the General Elections 2024, prominent Muslim leaders and community figures urged Muslims to vote against the BJP. Vote Jihad” was instituted against PM Modi and his representatives by the INC and its INDI-Alliance. Why? Due to perceived anti-Muslim rhetorics and policies. They consolidated a voting strategy that aimed at defeating the BJP by ensuring that no Muslim cast his vote for an NDA candidate.

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What was the result? The 18th Lok Sabha has fewer Muslim MPs than the 17th Lok Sabha. Why? Because the BJP and its allies dare not use ‘peaceful’ leaders to ask for votes. The only Muslim candidate that the BJP gave a ticket to also lost the elections! Consequently, there are no Muslim candidates in the government formed by BJP and its allies. Thus, the new cabinet of Modi 3.0 will have ‘No Muslim’ representation among its 72 ministers.

Arfa Khanum Sherwani And Her Duplicitous Critiques

Screenshot of The Print article on Modi3.0 SPreading Lies!

Arfa Khanum Sherwani began the ‘Rudaali Rona’ at the media bytes that came out regarding the swearing-in ceremony. Media outlets, such as The Print and The Wire, have criticized the Modi 3.0 cabinet for its lack of Muslim ministers. They argue this absence is a glaring omission in a country where Muslims constitute the largest minority.

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The truth is that Muslims are not the nation’s largest minority.

Arfa Khanum Sherwani and her ilk should remember that Muslims are Bharat’s second-largest community.

Nearly 76% of the Muslim votes went against the BJP. Thus, Madam Arfa Khanum Sherwani should not talk about her perception of the sidelining of Muslims. The fact is that if you do not contribute to the cake, you cannot demand a slice once it’s baked!

However, her duplicitous behavior is still evident in her tweets on X. She critiques anyone who supports the BJP or PM Modi. Even Bollywood star Shahrukh Khan was targeted by her for attending the swearing-in ceremony. If any Muslim who supports Modi 3.0 is a traitor to the ‘Quam’, then why do they ask for Muslim representatives? These ‘equal representation’ fools will skewer any Muslim leader who takes a post in Modi 3.0, suggesting it was a betrayal to the Muslim community. However, they still want Muslim representation in the government. 

BJP’s Outreach to Muslims

Modi 2.0 made significant efforts to reach out to the Muslim community. PM Modi earned the informal title of “Pasmanda Sultan” by angry Hindus for his initiatives targeting the socio-economic upliftment of marginalized Pasmanda Muslims. Billions in government schemes have been directed towards housing, education, and healthcare benefits for Muslims. Even Muslim IAS candidates were informally encouraged this year.

Screenshot of The Print article that states that Muslims do not need a Muslim Leader!

However, it did not win him any love in the nation. Neither his hard-core Hindus nor upper caste Muslims appreciated his initiatives. The result was the loss of a simple majority and a consolidated Muslim community’s voting pattern against the BJP.

Modi 3.0 Cabinet Composition

PC Hinduatan Times

The new cabinet of PM Modi is a balanced approach towards all communities. It has diverse representation in terms of caste and minority. The second largest community rejected the BJP, thus, the cabinet has a lack of Muslim leaders. Misinformation about the sworn-in ministers is rampant! 

Here is the break-up of caste representatives in Modi 3.0 that burns Arfa Khanum Gang’s hearts.

Total Ministers: 72 General Category: 25 OBC: 27 SC: 10 ST: 5!

True Minority Communities like Christian – 1, Sikh-2, Buddhists- 1, Jain-1 

The cabinet has a well-balanced caste and community composition. The lack of Muslims is obvious, but by voting against PM Modi as a Quam they also chose to stay on the opposite side of the government! However, all other minority communities are well represented!

Double Standards Of “Vote Jihad” Quam

The Muslim community’s overwhelming vote against the BJP, driven by calls from their leaders, resulted in no Muslim representation within the victorious NDA ranks. Yet, this very outcome is now being used to criticize the government. Any Muslim who tweets for the BJP is shamed. They ignore that Muslims have chosen a side, and that side lost the election! Thus, their inherent contradictions of representation are a joke!

The Muslim community’s electoral strategy has caused its disappearance from the political landscape in Modi 3.0.

Muslims do not offer equal rights to all their castes in any religious board. Their lower castes are still discriminated against. And this discrimination gets hidden under the disguise of a minority community. When Muslims are able to give social justice to their castes within their organizations, they should preach to the government about the same.

Ultimately, the lesson from the current Arfa Khanum-driven controversy is clear: Democracy thrives on participation, inclusion, and mutual respect. The Modi 3.0 government will continue to reach out to all sections of society. Those who chose development programs over caste politics will benefit. Those who chose ‘Quam’ over the Constitution will sit in the opposition. May the detractors learn their lesson well!

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