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‘Peaceful’ Post-Poll Violence: From Bengal to Bengaluru, BJP Workers Under Siege

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BJP workers face post-poll violence whether the party wins the elections or not. The INDI-Alliance states use the state machinery and local goons to terrorize the cadre and the voters. Thus, after every election, the nation hears news of trauma and terror. And general elections in 2024 were no exception.

Here is the story of post-poll violence in two states: West Bengal and Karnataka. West Bengal witnesses pre- and post- poll violence every election season. From booth workers to the leaders, homes are ransacked and lives are lost. Recent news from INC-ruled Karnataka shows the reality of the ‘Educated South ‘! 

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Post-Poll Violence in Brutal Bengal!

In Bengal's post-poll political violence, a battle of narratives - Hindustan Times
PC Hindsutan Times

Following the elections, West Bengal has witnessed another surge in violence against BJP workers. From Bankura to Howrah, BJP supporters are facing relentless attacks. Their homes are vandalized and their lives are threatened. Despite the victory of Bishnupur candidate Saumitra Khan, BJP workers in Kotulpur have seen their homes destroyed.

Many BJP workers have sought refuge in Kolkata’s shelter homes.

Elections to them means – pack and leave home for months at an end!


Suvendu Adhikari has appealed to Governor CV Ananda Bose, detailing the violence that has erupted across the state. In Minakhan, Basirhat constituency, BJP workers’ homes have been locked, and they are barred from entering their villages. Majumdar, the BJP State President, has reported severe assaults, including a woman whose leg was broken by attackers.

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News of trash dumped outside colonies that voted for BJP has shocked the nation. After the Panchayat elections, the post-poll violence under TMC escalates every election cycle. The Calcutta High Court has warned the TMC government, but such warnings often fall on deaf ears. There is no real ‘Mamata’ in the hearts of Bengal CM and her cadre.  

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Karnataka Shows Rising Tensions and Post-Poll Violence


In Karnataka, post-poll celebrations turned violent when BJP workers Harish Anchan, Krishna, and Nandakumar were brutally attacked by a mob of 20-30 ‘peaceful’ Muslims. The altercation began when the BJP workers celebrating PM Modi’s victory passed a local masjid. The happiness of Modi 3.0 turned the hearts of the ‘peacefuls’ cour. Thus, the ‘peaceful’ attackers followed the BJP workers, blocked their path, and got abusive. The confrontation escalated when the ‘peacefuls’ snatched the BJP scarves off the celebrating crowds. Thereafter, the ‘peacefuls’ assaulted BJP workers with knives saying “How dare you root for Modi?, we will not spare your life”.

PC Deccan Herald

The attack left 3 BJP workers critical and many severely injured.

The victims and their families are terrorized by this ‘peaceful’ display of violent ‘tolerance’! All the while the ‘peacefuls’ are running free. The police FIR names Bashir, Siddiq, Monu, Aboobakar, and 20 other unknown attackers. However, news of the arrest is awaited by the victims and their families. Thankfully, the security has been tightened in the affected villages to prevent further escalation. Hopefully, INC-ruled Karnataka will not go the Bengal way to terrorize voters or opposition workers!

A Call for Protection

While news of violence against BJP workers trickles in, no obvious effort to protect the cadre is visible. The leaders are left to knock on the doors of the law in hopes of an anti-BJP government’s ‘Daya-Maya’! The BJP must learn to protect its grassroots workers who brave the violence and intimidation to spread its good name. Suvendu Adhikari’s letter to the Governor lists numerous incidents, demanding immediate action. However, the center remains mute like before in ensuring that CM Mamata ensures security for all.

The BJP workers’ plea for protection is a call to ensure that political affiliation does not result in persecution.

The party leaders in the center need to stand firm in safeguarding its workers and cadre. The violence in Bengal and Karnataka highlights the need for robust protection measures. If a politically active person faces discrimination and threats, what would happen to the common people that the party aspires to connect with? Thus, the BJP must ensure that its workers are protected from leaders to the last man on the ground, or risk losing states to fear and coercion perpetuated by divisive forces.

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