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Hamare Baarah Cast And Crew Face ISIS-Style Threats

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ISIS-style ‘Sar Tan Se Juda’ threat issued to the cast and crew of Hamare Baarah. The recent release of its teaser has ignited a firestorm of discussion and controversy. The film presents a bold narrative about the plight of Muslim women under fundamentalist Islamic patriarchy. The film talks about the uncomfortable reality of how Muslim women are treated as baby-making machines within their households in the name of religion.

Therefore, the topic is hard-hitting and the bite-sized trailer captivated the attention of its audiences. However, it also drew the ire of Islamic radicals in the nation, who have released ISIS-inspired threats of violence against the filmmakers and cast. Let’s uncover the uneasy reality of the threat and the movie!

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Hamare Baraah – A Powerful Movie On An Uncomfortable Reality

Indian Film Hamare Baarah To Premier At The 77th Cannes Film Festival, Deets Inside | Movies News | Zee News
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“Hamare Baarah” dives deep into the rigid and often oppressive interpretations of Islam by its radical Maulvis and their extremist flock! The trailer shows the degraded existence of many Muslim women in conservative Islamic households. The film is expected to raise crucial questions about gender roles in Islam and the varying interpretations of religious texts.

Annu Kapoor plays the protagonist, Mansoor Ali Khan Sanjari who is a 60-year-old devout radical Muslim. The protagonist is a father with 11 children from two marriages. The first wife died after bearing six children. And his second wife, Rukhsana, who is significantly younger than her husband, has already given birth to five more. The real story begins when she becomes pregnant for the sixth time and this conception puts her life at risk. Thus, the movie is supposed to revolve around this stage for a dramatic legal battle and an intensely personal journey.

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International Milestones and Global Relevance of Hamare Baarah

Amar Ujala News Impact Hamare Baarah Producer Admitted Their Film Has Been Shown In Film Market Cannes - Entertainment News: Amar Ujala - Cannes 2024:'अमर उजाला' की खबर का असर, 'हमारे बारह'
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Hamare Baarah has garnered international attention by making its world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival. The rising numbers of Islamic followers in the world and their hard-core fundamentalist views are a global concern. Thus, the film’s topic has sparked significant discussions in the concerned circles. The film was initially titled “Hum Do Hamare Baarah,” however, it had to be renamed due to censorship pressures. Thankfully, the trailer reveals that the movie was able to continue to maintain its strong narrative.

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The story of “Hamare Baarah” resonates on a global scale. Most of the LeLi-gang and the seculars are unable to address the issues of population growth and gender inequality present in the ‘peaceful’ community. Moreover, movies that address such conversations are usually targeted by ISIS or its sister organizations. Almost as if, the struggle of women under Islamic radicalism is a taboo topic. Thus, the topic presented by filmmaker Kamal Chandra is like a mirror that shows the ugly side of women in Sharia-loving communities.  

ISIS-Like Extremist Backlash and Threats

The film’s daring portrayal of issues sensitive to radical Islamists has provoked a severe backlash. Consequently, extremist factions have taken to social media to issue death threats against director Kamal Chandra, actor Annu Kapoor, and actress Aditi Dhiman. These threats include graphic videos of ISIS-like beheadings accompanied by Islamic hymns and verses to instill fear.

Netizens have reported the vile threats to the police, requesting intervention to protect the filmmakers and the crew. However, despite the ISIS-style threats, the creators of Hamare Baarah remain steadfast in their commitment to unveiling the harsh realities faced by many women. However, ZeeMusic had to remove the trailer from its YouTube and Instagram Channels when the cast and crew received death threats. Thus, the ISIS-like physical threats by extremists are nothing short of cyberattacks aimed at silencing the film’s promotion.

What makes it worse is that propagators of free speech and freedom of expression are silent on the issue. No Bollywood celebrity will come forth to ask for an open-minded discussion, no Ratna Pathak will have an epiphany moment!! Why? Because the Islamic radicals crossed over the ‘Lakshman Rekha’ of public domain. They have leaked the personal details of the movie’s producer, including phone numbers, email addresses, and more. They are circulating mob-inciting messages against the cast and crew. Moreover, they are unapologetically urging others, like-minded extremist Islamists, to harass and intimidate them. These escalating intimidation tactics may just make the release of the movie in Bharat extremely improbable!

A Call To The Sane

Hamare Baarah promises to be a testament to the power of cinema that can guide social change. Its uncomfortable yet realistic topic is thought-provoking for the Sane Human. Additionally, the movie is set to challenge Liberals, Leftists, and Seculars to confront undeniable truths about the status of women under Islamic fanatics. The film’s courageous portrayal of the struggles faced by many women in conservative Islamic settings is a crucial step towards greater awareness and reform.

Educated and liberated Muslim women will fight for the social causes of Hindu Women. However, they fail to address the oppressive traditions present in fanatical Islam. Women like Arfa Khanum Sherwani, Rana Ayyub, and Saba Naqvi like to talk about the need for a secular society without exposing the effect of orthodox views of Radical Mullahs on the Muslims of India! Thus, such women are mocked for their duplicity, not their religion, and their conversations are rejected by the Sane Indians.

Therefore, Bharat must fight for movies like Hamare Baarah. Do not let extremists silence such narratives that talk of the ugly reality of Islamic extremism. The bravery of filmmakers like Kamal Chandra and actors like Annu Kapoor should be acknowledged. And these important stories should continue to be told. Let’s make “Hamare Baarah” become more than just a film! Let it become the mirror to the Elite Muslims that hide the true face of Islamic radicalism from the world.

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